by Nancy Zook
(Ithaca, NY USA)

My 20 year old ring necked parakeet loves to bath in his water dish several times a day. For the last week he has not bathed at all that I can tell. He started molting around this time which is late for him, but his feathers are all in now. I've never seen this behavior before. He's eating, drinking, defacating, moving and sleeping just fine. Ideas?

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Nov 14, 2011
Bird not bathing as usual
by: Tracie

Your bird may be bathing when you are not looking, but I would not think it is something to worry about.

What you DO need to be concerned about is the fact that your bird bathes in it's water dish. This is how birds get bacterial infections. If you have a water dish instead of a water bottle , then you need to change the water at least every 3 - 4 hours so that the bird is not drinking and bathing in bacteria water.

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