Baytril and Re-establishing Healthy Bacteria

by Darci

Hello, I had written previous regarding some issues I am having with my Sun Conure (straining to pass droppings/not sleeping at night). She eats Harrison's pellets and also baked sweet potatos, some mango, some blueberries along with Harrison's Bird Bread. So far my vet has been unable to pin point what is causing her to strain when producing droppings, and also the bubbles in her droppings (the droppings are extremely thick.) She has blood work done and also Gram stain, but she thought it would be beneficial to administer a course of antibiotics before doing further tests such as radiographs, cultures, scoping. She suspects she may have a low-grade baterial infection and has perscribed liquid Baytril for 2 weeks, which is mixed with a syrup and given in 5ml twice a day. If this doesn't take care of her symptoms we are going to do further diagnostic tests... at first I was very reluctant to administer the antibiotic without knowing what was wrong but my vet convinced me it will not do any harm and will likely help her. What are your thoughts on this? She has been on them for two days now.

Also is there any way to replenish the healthy bacteria during or after a course of antibiotics? From what I understand the healthy bacteria in the intestines will be wiped out by the Baytril. Would apple cider vinegar help? I have also heard of giving yogurt with probiotics but am unsure about this. Would you recommend any natural anti biotics or anti inflammatories in conjunction with the Baytril or after the two weeks? I have been reading about apple cider, aloe, cayenne and garlic.

Thank you for any advice about what to do to replenish the good bacteria, possible natural remedies and your opionion on the Baytril.

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Mar 25, 2009
Bene Bac to restore healthy bacteria in birds
by: The Vet

I totally agree, they will likely help your bird, and certainly not harm her. This is a good approach to avian medicine and how I do it, too.

Most illnesses in bird are cause by a bacterial infection. However, there are other things that cause illness in birds, but in other diseases, bacteria can be a secondary problem. So, antibiotics are going to help in either case.

One other important thing you need to do is to heat your bird?s cage to 90-95 degrees. This will help her fight infections. The most common pace birds get low-grade bacterial infections is from their water bowls. That is why I recommend Lixit water bottles.

None of the remedies you have mentioned are going to help replenish the normal flora in your bird?s digestive tract. However, it is always a good idea during and after antibiotics to do that. The best way is a product called Bene Bac which is beneficial bacteria that are specific for birds.

Dr B

Mar 25, 2009
by: Lori

Everytime I've given antibiotics to my birds my vet has recommended I give probiotics along with it and even a few days after. I went on line and bought Avi-culture avian-specific probiotic. Its a powder you mix in the drinking water. I always give it to them once a week or if their dropping look a little abnormal. I know there are a lot of them on the market but this one has worked well for me. Don't give her dairy product's especially if she is already having digestive problems. I've never heard about apple cider vinegar but she probably wouldn't like you very much if you try to make her drink that. I would think that might be harmful if it got in her eyes anyway. I wouldn't do garlic either. I read somwhere that to much garlic or onion could be harmful to birds. I realize you can't believe everything you read but if she is already sick its better to be safe than sorry. I know the vet suggested you use a heating pad but I bought a infared heat
panel and a heated perch for all three of my birds.It probably wasn't necessary to buy both but I keep my house really cool and I like to spoil my birds. You can get a thermostat for the heat panel which makes it really nice. Keep us posted. I hope this antibiotic works.

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