Beak discoloration and blue feet?

by Ashley

I'm just wondering if something may be wrong with my parakeet. He's seven years old now and has never had an issue until lately. I've noticed that his feet aren't that normal bird feet color. Instead they are dark and almost blue looking now. Also, just recently I've noticed that his beak is a paler color that normal and has a dark spot on it on the side. Is there something wrong with him? Other than this he eats and drinks normally, looks normal, and flies just fine. Thanks!

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Sep 18, 2009
Budgie foot color
by: The Vet

Some budgies have colored feet that is normal. However, if your bird had ?normal? feet and they changed color, this could be an indication of a problem. For example, a circulation problem. There are other causes. You should make an appointment with an avian veterinarian.

Dr B

Sep 06, 2009
Blue Feet
by: Linda

I would suggest you make an appointment with an Avian Vet and have your bird checked out. The blue feet sound like a problem with blood circulation. If your bird does not have natural wood branch perches in his cage, get some and put them in there. Birds cannot stand on the plain dowels all the time without having trouble with their feet and legs. You can find perches with the hardware already on them in pet and bird stores. The natural gradation in size on a branch helps your bird's feet to be more comfortable.

Take bird to vet, and get him some nice comfortable natural wood branch perches, so his feet can relax. He does need to see an Avian vet as soon as possible as this could be a serious problem.


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