Beak Discoloration

by Jordan

I have a year and a half year old green cheek conure.
Today, I noticed that a small part of his beak was discoloured. His beak is slate-gray, and the discoloured portion is about two or three shades lighter than the rest of the beak. The discoloured portion is located near the tip of his beak.

Otherwise, he is acting perfectly normal. He has been eating and drinking well, his feces is normal etc. I haven't noticed any personality changes.

Two things to note-

I got his wings clipped about a week ago, but right before I got them clipped, he flew into a window. He got up totally unfazed and seemed to have no problems. Could I be seeing a bruise from that injury?

Also- he and I have just moved- he did a three hour car ride yesterday. He could be stressed out from this, though I'm not seeing any signs of stress.

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Jan 04, 2009
Beak discoloration in bird
by: The Vet

The crash into the window could be the cause of what you are seeing. These types of incidents will cause bruising on the beak. Since birds shed the layers of the beak near the tip, this could be normal beak growth.

To find out which this is I would need to examine your bird. Please find an avian veterinarian close to you to take him in for an exam. It is not stress related from the travel.

Birds should see an avian veterinarian at least once a year for exams and vaccines.

Dr B

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