beak rubbing on sandpaper perch

sorry for the bad spelling, im eleven but my lovebird Bupe.
(boopy).Bupe has a little sandpaper perch that she sits on. she also likes to scrape her beak against it and i have noticed that she has scrape marks. and if ii have to dispose of my birds perch, how can i have her nails less sharp? we dont have money to have her nails cut. and also she has a bed that is furry and flat. is that ok?

thanks in advance, cory

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Apr 03, 2010
beak rubbing on sandpaper perch
by: Linda

Cory, thanks for writing. You need to GET RID of any sandpaper, concrete, pumice perches as they dry out the bird's feet and can cause loss of toes. I had this happen with one of my Amazons who loved to sit on his Pumice perch. It took us a long time and lots of money to finally figure out the perch was causing the dry foot problem.He lost two toes BEFORE we figured it out.

Use ONLY NATURAL BRANCH perches in your bird's cage. She needs the natural branch perches so her feet experience a more natural environment like if she was in a tree outside. Make sure wood is safe and has not been treated with pesticide or fertilizer. You can find ones already cut with hardware already installed in pet stores and online.

As for trimming the nails, it does not cost hardly anything to have your bird's nails trimmed at the Avian Vet. If you say you only need her nails trimmed, a vet assistant will usually to it, and not charge you an office visit. All birds need to be examined by an Avian Vet at least once a year to make sure all is well. IF YOU HAVE A BIRD, THEN YOU HAVE TO TAKE BIRD TO VET WHEN NEEDED AS BIRDS DO GET SICK AND DO NEED THEIR NAILS TRIMMED SOMETIMES. This is something to consider when getting a bird in the first place. All pets can get sick, and with birds, they have to go to an Avian (bird) vet as they are the only ones licensed and trained to treat them. If you cannot afford to take a sick pet to the doctor, then pets cannot be a part of your life as it is the law to provide medical services to sick and/or injured pets.Just like if your parents did not take you to doctor when you were sick. That is against the law as parents HAVE to provide medical care and services to their children. It is the same with our pets--we HAVE to provide them with medical care when needed. Check with Avian Vet and see if the nail trimming is not quite inexpensive. Take care of your bird so she can live a long time.

Thanks for writing,

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