Beautiful Cockateil baby died

I bought my Cockateil last week i imagine that he was about 8 weeks old he was hand reared, last night he regurgitated his seed and it looked undigested, i put him back in his cage he had a drink then sat quietly about three hours later he died. Up until then he seemed very healthy and normal, what could have happened?

We are so sad.

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Jul 16, 2009
by: Anonymous

I think 8 weeks old is too young to be weaned. I just took my sun off the last of her hand feedings at 14 weeks.

Jul 16, 2009
So Sorry!
by: Linda

We are very sorry for your loss, and your heart must be broken! If you bought your bird in a pet store, he was most likely already sick with something very bad. If you bought him from a breeder, he could have been sick. Babies sometimes get bacterial infections when they are in the nest and/or being handfed. They have to be weighed every day, during this handfeeding time, and if they have not gained weight every day, they most likely are sick and need to go to Avian Vet. Depending on where you bought your bird, you need to go back and say you only had your baby bird for a week, and it is already dead!

Unless, you were supposed to keep feeding it or it was not weaned yet, it should have been okay eating its food. I believe Cockatiels wean at 8 weeks, any younger, and they need more handfeeding. Also they have to be weaned, and this is a process. They can't just start eating regular food immediately, as seeds and/or pellets have to be soaked so they are soft, and easier to shell/eat for the baby new to solid-type food.Some will want to eat the pellets, and then they do not need soaking. Did the people you bought bird from have any instructions for you? As I said, if purchased in a pet store, most of their birds are already sick, as they do not know how to care for the birds. Most of the birds they have came from breeding facilities like puppy mills, only they deal in birds which makes them bird mills.

Again, our hearts go out to you, as we know this is painful. It does not take long to become attached to a sweet little bird. Please go back to store and/or breeder and tell them about this as it is not right. If you bought from a pet store, find a breeder next time, and be sure to visit their facility and ask questions. Some won't let you go back to breeding area because of spreading infections. You will get a "feeling" about them. If they are breeding way too many birds, then they are probably not able to take care of them properly.Bird breeding and raising is not very profitable if birds are being cared for properly--in fact, most will be lucky to break even!

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