Bee Pollen

by Alex
(London, UK)

I have been reading through a blog which touts the benefits of organic bee pollen to pet birds.

It says that a pinch should be sprinkled over their food of a morning.

My question is, is it worthwhle giving my 2 budgies bee pollen?

I would like to find out before spending money on it.

Below is an extract from the article.

“Bee pollen is a whole food supplement…that contains at least 130 substances of nutritional significance. The high quality of protein exceeds the amount in beef or chicken. Bee pollen is composed of about 50% carbohydrates, rich in fatty acids, almost all known minerals, amino acids, enzymes, trace elements, vitamins like B complex, A,C,D, E, beta carotene, an antibiotic potent against E. coli."

"Feeding bee pollen prevents nutritional imbalance, deficiencies, accumulations of toxins in the body, and helps strengthen the immune system and prevent disease…it is the richest food in nature.”

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Mar 11, 2013
Bee Pollen
by: Alex

Hi Linda and Tracie,
Both my budgies are eating Harrison's Pellets which are avaliable all day and they have seed in the evenings.

They have been eating Harrison's since I got them and they love it.

They are a few companies who sell t here and the one I use sells different sized bags and delivers within 1-2 business days.

Thanks for the replies.

Mar 09, 2013
Bee pollen for birds
by: Tracie

Bee pollen is an excellent source for nutrients. It is good to supplement even a balanced diet. However, I do not see that there is a need for it nutritionally provided your bird is on a pellet diet. If they are not on pellets, offering bee pollen will certainly add nutrients to the diet but is not the answer to a complete and balanced diet, and in that case it is worth giving it to them.

Dr B

Mar 08, 2013
Bee Pollen
by: Linda

Though the article sounds very good, I would not use this product until your birds have been examined by an Avian Vet and then you can ask them in person what they think about this.

In my own experience, a good, well balanced high quality pelleted diet will do more for your birds than anything else. We recommend Harrison's organic pellets found here, and your birds would eat the small grind size. If you can find Harrisons in the UK, get it there, if not, you may be able to buy it here and have it shipped. Send Tracie(shop owner) a message about whether or not she can ship to the UK and go from there. I've been feeding Harrisons for many years now, and my birds are strong, healthy and have nice coloring and skin. It takes time to change from all seed diets or junk pellets like ZuPreem or Lafaebers and below is article on how to go about it. If your birds have not been examined by an Avian Vet in the last year, have them examined before beginning any dietary changes.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

To sum up, do not waste your money on FAD types of supplements. Birds need wholesome well balanced diets with food made for them. Let us know how all is going and thanks for writing,

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