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( An African Grey story)

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Aug 28, 2010
My African Grey Alfie amazes me at times
by: Mark Smith

I rescued ALfie from a family that didn't know how to care for her after her owner died, she was about 14 years old then, I have had her about 3 years now.
Alfies cage is very near my kitchen and while cooking chicken one evening Alfie asked me what I was doing, I responded that I was cooking bird and I was going to eat bird tonight. Well Alfie immediately replied with "meow, I love you".
That was the funniest thing she has ever said to me and her response was so appropriate to what I had said to her.
Alfie has been a great companion for the last few years and I am glad I found her.

Sep 27, 2007
Pongo sounds GREAT!
by: Daryl

Sounds like you guys have quite a character who will bring you lots of joy and laughter! Congratulations.

Sep 23, 2007
Pongo is Great
by: Mistie

I never really liked birds until Pongo moved in next door to me. He is GREAT! He fits in the family PERFECTLY!!!!

Sep 23, 2007
Pongo's Lucky
by: Barbara (Punk)

Hi Michelle,
Just wanted to let you know that I think that Pongo is a very lucky bird indeed to have you guys for his family.
I look forward to more tales about life with Pongo.

Sep 23, 2007
I enjoyed it very much.
by: Jo Ann

Very nice, Michelle! I look forward to your updates and more pictures of Pongo and his family.

Sep 23, 2007
Thanks Kathie
by: Marty (Grandma Marty)

Thank you for sharing this story about Pongo.

This is a good start with your new family member. Birds, of all sizes, make fun pets when you really make an effort.

I will be looking forward to more about Pongo as you both grow in your relationship and as you add other family members.

Sep 23, 2007
Great Beginnings
by: pauljr

Very nice story about; from what I can gather, is a very lucky Pongo.

Sounds like you're doing great.

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