Behaivor of Blue and Gold Macaw when it feels threatened by other wildlife

by Teresa
(Cassleberry, FL )

The other evening we lost our blue and gold macaw to a predator animal, I have never locked him in his cage he was free to roam on top of his cage which is huge, and we recently moved and there is a conservation area in front of our home, and we put mel's cage under the banana tree for shade, and freedom to enjoy hisself. I woke up about 130am and just happen to hear him screaming in terror, you could tell by his screaming he was in danger.

I turned on the front porch light and then there was total silence, and when I went to check on him, he was gone, and it was pitch black, so in the morning, when the light came out I went to check his cage and there was a large puddle of blood on the top tray of his cage, obviously I was inconsolable as I have had him 15 years, and I never expected anything to harm him.

I now have to ask were there some behavior signs I missed that he was scared like running around the top of his cage, and being really quiet most of the time, which was not totally unusual, but I feel immense guilt and shame and heartbroken that I may have missed some signs that could have saved his life, as some animal was brave enough to come right on top of his cage kill him, and jump the fence and drag him into conservation area deep into the woods as we followed the trail of feathers that led to like a den of plants, we collected as many feathers as we could to make a memorial for him.

I am ashamed I put mel at risk, but I also am ashamed I did not see the signs that he may have been scared of something in the woods, and I could have locked his cage to protect him..what kind of animal would have done this? Does anyone know? This happened in casselberry, fl . Thanks for any information anyone could tell me.

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Sep 03, 2011
Behaivor of Blue and Gold Macaw when it feels threatened by other wildlife
by: Linda

I am very sorry for your loss, and so please take the rest of this letter as it is meant to be, which is constructive and designed to save your next bird's life.

What in the world were you thinking leaving a helpless parrot outside all the time and especially at night? Birds are prey animals, and it was only a matter of time before he was killed.The other issues with birds being outside all the time is disease and parasites from wild birds some of which can also hurt birds physically. Crows come to mind in that they can put eyes out in a flash of their bills.

Leaving a parrot outside of its cage is also not done. Birds feel safe in their cages especially at night. All bird cages need to be indoors all the time and most especially at night.

There were no signs as you call them. This is the stuff of common sense of which you have shown a lack of having. Never, ever leave another bird outside to await its death as all will die one time or another because all kinds of predators are out at night including, racoons, opossums, coyote and fox, plus large snakes will make a meal of even a bird as large as a Macaw if the snake is also large.

Please keep your birds inside and protect them as they are prey to any and every predator around including the human variety.

Again, sorry for your loss.

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