behavior change in Jenday Conure

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What might cause my 10 year old conure to suddenly want to spend a lot of time under the paper at the bottom of his cage where he peeps this sweet little song and sometimes beats a wing on the bottom of the cage? He is eating well and comes out from under if I call his name or I put something special in his dish. He does seems to be fluffing up a bit more than usual and he seems more agitated in his overall behavior. I have had him his whole life. Can you help me understand this sudden strange behavior? Thanks

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Aug 06, 2008
Jenday hiding under papers
by: The Vet

As I said before, this type of behavior is sometimes associated with nesting. Sexually mature birds will display many types of nesting behaviors including hiding in and under things, and making cute little noises.

You can try to curb this behavior by shortening the hours of light your bird gets. Either turn off the lights in the room the bird is in to mimic winter hours or put the bird in a sleeping cage in another room where you can lengthen the hours of darkness.

If the bird acts sick at all, sitting fluffed up for a long period of time of eats less, the bird is sick and needs to be taken to an Avian Vet ASAP.

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