Behavior change in my Sun Conure

by Brenda
(Ringgold, Ga.)

I have a 2 year old sun conure. My husband was annoyed by his loud screaming. He is bonded with me. I traded him Saturday for a more quiet green cheek conure. I then regretted my decision and got him back. He came back after 4 days and was sick. I took him to a vet & he has a yeast infection. I am giving him antibiotics and something for the yeast infection. He has improved greatly.

I am concerned about his change of behavior. He does not seem to know me as before. He no longer screams. His feathers are more orange than yellow around his neck. He bites holes in my clothes. He won't step up on my finger. He no longer says the few words he spoke before. My concern is that his temporary owner may have switched birds and brought a different bird to me. He also rolls his head around like he is strutting. Could only 4 days rehoming this bird have drastically changed his behavior? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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Sep 07, 2016
How is Mango?
by: Anonymous

I just came across this, i know its an old post. I am curious however, how is Mango doing? It seems to me he was switched especially since you traded him to a breeder.

May 23, 2013
Behavior change in my Sun Conure
by: Sandra D Singh

Hi Brenda, these were your EXACT words; "He was a very lucky bird to have such a loving home. He was spoiled rotten".
I wonder if you know what is luck the way you had mentioned it? This bird was given away by YOU, HIS OWNER, THE ONLY LUCK I SEE HERE IS, BAD LUCK.

Birds in a loving home that has been spoilt rotten as you said, stays in their loving homes and are NOT given away by their owner's.


Just the thought, of giving away ANY of my birds have NEVER entered my mind and it will NEVER EVER enter my mind; I AM VERY SURE OF THAT.

Mistakes do happen, if your bird smells certain liquids, gets ill or even dies that's a mistake.

If your bird ate something and the bird gets ill or dies, these things are what I and many others would called mistakes.

I knew a girl that made a "mistake" and stepped on her bird, that's a mistake. TRADING YOUR BIRD for a quieter one or WHATEVER reason, is DEFINITELY NOT A MISTAKE.

One more thing Brenda, I can say that ALL my birds are in a loving home and they're spoiled rotten NOT YOURS (you've given away yours) and YOU ARE THE LUCKY ONE BECAUSE YOU GOT HIM BACK.

I do have proof to show how happy my birds are and how they are treated. I've even posted pictures on this very site with my birds. I've thousands of pictures with my birds where they all are enjoying themselves EVERYDAY. My birds are in their cages ONLY WHEN THEY ARE READY TO SLEEP.

WE do owe it to our dear little ones to treat them nicely and give them the UNCONDITIONAL love that they're giving to us. WE already have them in a cage and they're NOT REALLY FREE; WE have to make them the HAPPIEST. You'll know if your bird is happy or not. THAT'S ALL.

May 22, 2013
Mango my Sun Conure
by: Anonymous

I have good news. The bird I traded for is Mango after all. The change in his behavior is due to him reaching sexual maturity. It is Spring when birds like to breed and their hormones are at a high level. He will be two years old next month which is the age of sexual maturity. I have a wonderful vet who nursed him back to health. He is also talking again. Please keep in mind bird owners that your parrots behavior will change especially in the Spring due to sexual maturity. I am so glad to have my baby back. More good news is that he is quieter now and no longer distrubs my husband.

Apr 29, 2013
Behavior change in my Sun Conure
by: Sandra D Singh

Hi there, I'm proud of my name and use it everywhere. Why you all don't use your names here, why hide? I'm very sorry for your husband but you SHOULD'VE said the reason why he couldn't hear the bird loud screams.

These were your exact words; my husband was annoyed by his loud screaming. He is bonded with me. I TRADED him Saturday for a more quiet green cheek conure.

(The rest was removed because is did not address the question, only attacking the poster.)

Apr 29, 2013
by: Anonymous

To Sandra D Singh and other cruel comments: I am posting an update on my Sun Conure Mango. I am still not sure if he is Mango but he is starting to show some signs that he is my baby.First of all Sandra, I also love my Husband very much. He also loved Mango alot. We both cried when we traded him for a much quieter Green Cheek Conure. My husband had just got out of the hospital and was very sick. Mango would scream repeatedly louder and louder for a long period of time.I sought the advice of an expert on how to help him stop screaming but to no avail. He was a very lucky bird to have such a loving home. He was spoiled rotten as was my other birds from the past. We tried everything we could to help him with his screaming. I must work a job and could not be home for him all the time. The lady whom I traded Mango for was a breeder at the bird fair. She had been selling birds for 30 years. Her booth was very clean. They were unaware that I watched them interact with their birds before I made my decision. My new bird I traded for is just precious. He is much quieter and so affectionate. He is well now and will have regular checkups at his vet. You all need to stop beating me up with all your nasty comments. Are you perfect without mistakes. I love birds and always have. This bird is laughing now like Mango and comes to me. He is very attached to me just like Mango was. I had a picture of Mango to compare the feather color with and I know that sometimes pictures can come out not true colors. Also I assume that Mango has just reached sexual maturity since he will be 2 in June. I thought that could account for alot of behavior changes as well as the infection he had. Anyway my conscience is clear and I have a precious Conure to love either way.

Apr 19, 2013
No more ugly posts, just help
by: Tracie

For those of you well meaning folks writing your opinions about re-homing birds, I am not posting them here. Lets focus on helping her with her bird in the present situation instead of beating her up for what she did in the past.

We need to focus on helping her with her bird NOW, not focus on the past.

Thank you for your understanding. :-)

Apr 18, 2013
Bhavior change in my Sun Conure
by: Sandra D Singh

Hi Brenda, first of all you've made a very huge mistake which you've realised but it's too late. I don't think that they've returned to you the same bird that you've given to them. Neither do I think that a bird's feathers around the neck would change in only 4 days. His bahaviour and he getting sick and all the other things sound very strange I must say.
What kind of people did you trusted with your sweet little bird? If it was one of your children, would you've trusted her or him with anyone without knowing them enough? It seems to me that you didn't know these people well enough.
Our dear little birds are like our little children and SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH, AND NOT A THING LESS.
Your CRUEL husband was annoyed by your bird's loud screams so why didn't you trade HIM instead? He's the only one that should've gone because he's definitely NOT human or has a heart. Would you've traded one of your children if he or she was annoying your CRUEL husband? I'm certain that you wouldn't.
I usually go on vacation leaving my birds in my home and one of my girlfriends would come every day and check on them; change their water, food and clean their cages etc. Their tv would be on all day except when she covers them to sleep. When I returned after 3 WEEKS or sometimes even 2 MONTHS as the case may be, my birds are so very happy to see me. Not one of them forgets me, NOT ONE! Their behaviour nor anything changes in 2 MONTHS.
How was your bird sick in ONLY 4 days and so many changes in just 4 days. YOUR BIRD has gotten an yeast infection and all those changes took place? I'm concerned as you're. His change of behavior, if it's the same bird,"your bird" WHY he does not seem to know you in ONLY 4 DAYS? He no longer screams, his feathers are more orange than yellow around his neck. He bites holes in your clothes. He also won't step up on your finger and he also no longer says the few words he'd spoken before, this is strange.
To me, listen to your gut feeling and I think that his temporary owner has switched your bird and brought a different one for you. According to you, he also rolls his head around like he's strutting. Rehoming any bird definitely cannot have that drastic change in colour and behavior etc in ONLY 4 DAYS.
It's very difficult for you to know WHO has YOUR BIRD or WHERE YOUR BIRD is. You're paying the price for your mistake BUT WE ALL DO MAKE MISTAKES sometimes but ONLY YOU will have to live with your briken heart; NO ONE ELSE BUT YOU, NOT EVEN THE CRUEL "THING" THAT YOU CALL YOUR HUSBAND!
Maybe your bird is better off where he is because your cruel husband may have choked him when he shall scream and you were not around. All I can say to you, say a prayer and wish that "your bird" is happy wherever he is. God bless.

Apr 18, 2013
I am a Sun Conure owner toooo
by: Anonymous

Hi there, I have a soon to be Sun Conure. I had her stay with family for a few days and it hardly changed much, I know that the sudden change may make them confused but there are always a few things that just can't disappear in just four days. The infection of course does trigger certain things but you know your birds actions, movements, words that make him crazy or make him hyper as well as certain treats that he goes crazy for. There has GOT TO BE something that stands the same, a gesture a favorite toy or snuggy bed. Watch carefully for all of the things you recognize about your bird... Hopefully this should truly reveal if you got your bird back or not. I agree with Tracie, many people aren't as kind in their ways to respond. I ignore all of those type of people of course...:D Good luck and hopefully this will pass if it is your bird.

Apr 18, 2013
My Sun Conure
by: Anonymous

Yes I did take Mango to an avian vet. He is doing real good and almost well now. I was thinking that his changed behavior might be because he has reached sexual maturity.
What do you think?

Apr 18, 2013
Behavior change in conure after re-homing
by: Tracie

Please realize that parrot folks are passionate about their birds and post strong words. You will need to have thick skin.

I personally do not see a need to make you feel bad for what you did or the results. You didn't write in for us to judge you but to help you with your bird. Kudos for writing in. :-)

I wonder several things. Did they actually give you back your bird? Is your bird well, or still sick? Did you take your bird to an avian vet, because regular dog/cat vets do not have the training to care for parrots 99% of the time.

I personally would take the bird either back to the vet or to another vet if you didn't take the bird to an avian vet.

Bless you for writing, I know enough people to totally get the pressure you were under to do what you did. Family pressures are very difficult to deal with. This is why we encourage people to make sure the whole family is behind getting the bird they bring home. Some family members do not have the patience to deal with noise and mess and their negative vibes just make the bird worse.

If you need help finding an avian vet, you can use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet for your bird.

If your bird is healthy then you may just have to start from scratch on developing a relationship of trust.

Apr 18, 2013
swapping birds
by: Alex

I am horrified that rather than assume the responsibility of a bird for the WHOLE of its life, you took the easier option and just traded it in like an old car and got a better model.

Your bird was abandoned and now you are surprised why he is acting less attached to you.

My birds get on my nerves sometimes when they male noise, but you should have researched how much noise they make before purchasing the bird.

My birds can be noisy, but I know how to calm them down and chose a bird that had a noise level I can cope with.

If your child cried a lot or shouted a lot, would you get rid of them and adopt a new one? No, you wouldn't.

Research and non-stop care until they die or sadly have to be put to sleep is what a responsible and caring pet owner does.

It may sound like I am having a go, but the truth hurts I am afraid.

Sorry, but this is how I feel.

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