Behavior in Derbyshire

by Maz

Is there anybody in the derbyshire area that can help with my African grey`s behavioral problems?

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Sep 28, 2011
by: maz

what I really need , is someone to show me how to play, and which toy's to buy or make, also to learn his body language. do anyone know of a place or person that could help ?

Editor's note:
Please look at our books on caring for birds and other DVDs. Also, try to find a bird club in your area by doing a search online and talking to breeders in your area.

Sep 03, 2011
I'm no vet but...
by: Anonymous

Hi friend.
I've had my little grey friend for five years and I can tell you this: that minimum 3 hours out of the cage with 45 minutes of direct human interaction is huge. As you probably already know, these guys are little super geniuses and they need supervised out of the cage play time, new toys frequently, and lots of new "lessons" to teach, just like they were in school. My Georgie can point at objects of a requested color. She knows "right" but hasn't caught onto "left" yet. The point is, these guys need lots of love AND mental stimulation. The more bored they get, the more irritable they get. Then the next step from there is an almost adversarial relationship with his/her companion ape.
I hope these general pointers help.
Chris in Chicago

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