Strange bird behavior

by Zowie

i was wondering if you could help i recently got a jenday conure as the woman in the petshop no longer wanted it locking it in a room in an attempt to shut it up since ive had it it seems to have calmed down a lot but it keeps showing me its bum i wondered if you had any idea why it is doing this.

many thanks zowie

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New Baby Conure Suddenly Biting Aggressively

by Noel
(Philadelphia, PA)

Our new baby pineapple conure, Enzo, has only been part of our family for about a week now. When we brought him home he was super sweet, playing, talking, snuggling, the works, to me, my husband , and even my young son.

For some reason now, he has started being aggressive towards my husband. He lunges at him when he tries to have him "step up". This morning, he bit him, quite hard, close to drawing blood. When he interacts with me, he is quite loving and affectionate, but after my husband comes in the room, he bites him, and then is in a foul mood, even to me.

We are really trying to understand why this is happening in the first place. We can't remember my husband doing anything to upset him so much to be this aggressive in a short amount of time.

He has been to the avian vet already (Monday actually) and has gotten a clean bill of health.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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yellow naped amazon dive bombing my son

by barbara

my yellow naped amazon dive bombs my 4 year old son. i understand they tend to be a little aggressive but am unsure what to do to correct the issue. i've tried to just put him back in his cage for awhile to settle him down but that isn't working. i have read alot about how positive reenforcement works the best for birds but am unsure how to work this into the our issue.

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Parrot rejecting me

by Vicki

my cockateal zoey I got when he was just 4 months old. at first we were great friends. then he bit me one day and i flicked his beak a little and said no, this was over a year ago. now he doesn't like me but does everyone else!! I am the only one who cares for him, although I can't get him out of his cage cause he runs from me. How do I get him to like me? Vicki

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Scared Love Bird

by Jody
(BC, Canada)

hi, i just received a love bird from my sisters friend who is moving and couldn't take him/her (not sure) with them. they originally rescued it from someones backyard where he was just left in a small cage outside in the elements.
i only got him yesterday and he's been hiding in his little house most of the time, but i've seen him come out and eat a couple times and chirp a bit. whenever he looks at us he has his head turned completely upside down or sideways. my husband took him out tonight because we were actually worried something was wrong with him. he proceeded to flap his wings and spin on the floor upside down!!! anytime you went near him he did this. i had a cockatiel in the past and never saw it do something this weird. just wondering if this is normal (scared behaviour?) or something we should be concerned about?! he spent 90% of his time outside the cage holding his head upside down. so strange...please help!!

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Hi Linda - help with Indian ring neck parrot

by Krutika

Dear Linda,

your advice is very helpfull for me every time can you plz tell me that how can i know that my Indian ring Neck is happy with me or not ?

I bought it before 6 days and he started to eat every fruit & vegetables by my hand only but he not allowed me to touch him ? why ?

even he is chewing every thing even cage also.

and plz tell me how can i judge his age ?

Plz Plz Plz Help me

Krutika Khatri

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Can my 12 year old parrot be tamed?

by richie

I have a 12 year old ring neck parrot, iv had him since he was 15 days but he has always been kept inside the cage. He lets me pet him and plays around with my hand but never gets out of the cage, i feel bad that he has been locked up so i want him to get out of his cage and be around the house, His wings have never been trimmed so if want to train him to get out of his cage do i have to get his wings trimmed first?

Iv had other parrots come out of their cage without having their wings trimmed and obviously they flew away.

So my question is, Shall i get his wings trimmed before letting him out and how should i train him to come out and go back inside his cage?

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cockatoo chewing problem

how can i get my cockatoo to stop chewing things up when people hold her she wants to chew on there clothing and any type of cloth she finds she want to chew it up if you have any ideas please help none of my other birds have ever done this so im not sure what to do thank you

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B&G macaw biting

i have a lovely blue and gold macaw he is 4 years old he lets me stroke him and then he turns around and then tries to bite me all so i cant seen to get him to come on me he put 1 claw on me and then bits down hard how can i stop this

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Help fido the green cheek!! Biting problem

by kelley

I have a question. We got two baby green cheek parrots 2 weeks ago who were 10 weeks old when we got them. they were handfed 2 times at pick up and breeder sold them to us by showing us the mixture to feed them.

Well they have been successfully weened into pellets/seed and no more aggressive than any other bird. We decided that we were going to seperate them and one was going to come home with me and one was going to stay there. well they are in seperate cages but in same house and one (mine) has gotten more aggressive and started biting.

Now today, he bit someone and the person whipped them off his arm. I went over there to visit them tonight only to see my bird vicisouly go after my friends hand many times. If he saw her hand he would lunge for it. He would not try to bite her son though.

My question is how can we get him to trust her again. She and I are really worried and very angry that her brother did that to the bird and am now trying to figure out where to go from here. i am really afraid to bring him home now.

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ringneck parrot being werid

by kim
(australia, nsw)

Indian Ring Neck Parrot

Indian Ring Neck Parrot

hi, i have a indian ringneck and he keeps stretching he's neck out real far then opening he's beak and poking he's tounge out, is that normal? he eats so much :/ he probably eats for about 3-4 hours a day! i change he's water every day and he's seed every second day plus he gets a piece of fruit or veg.

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african gray biting

by lynne

could you help i have a african gray parrot which as started biting me and when you go out the room he starts making this screaming noise do you know how i can stop this as it is getting really bad now thank you lynne

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red-crowned amazon strange behavior

by Amber
(Sherman, TX USA)

My Mexican red headed parrot or red-crowned amazon has not been acting himself lately. He has been diving bombing off his cage and can't get back on it. He has stopped screeching and has been bobbing his head a lot like he is having a hard time breathing. Does anyone know what could be wrong w him?

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behaviour problems

could anyone tell me why my triton cockatoo has decided to start biting me and aggressive l have had him since he was 2 months old he is now 16 years old and has quite a bit of attention,good diet, nice big cage, really dont know why this is happening, and he has started screaming a lot,many thanks

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Too noisy!

I have a Rainbow Lorikeet named Charlie,he is around 7 mounths old. He is very tame and talkative but is at the moment extremely noisy, sreaming and yelling! Im am becoming very annoyed!! I have tried talking to him quietly, covering his cage but nothing seems to work! Any suggestions please

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Bored or not?

by Marianna Groenewald
(Ceres, South Africa)

Do my young female ringneck need a male ringneck as a companion in her large cage or is the attention she receives from us enough. My husband is afraid she might feel alone.

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regurgitates food and puts it on the cage bars

by Barbara Vogelsang
(Tacoma Wa.)

my African gray Congo I think is a male and I believe he's 17 years old maybe more I don't know because he was given to me about 5 years ago. About a year and a half ago he started regurgitating his food and putting it all over his cage in front of his food dish and he gets it all over the floor too. he makes this mess every day and I have to clean it up every day. If any one knows how I can get him to stop doing it please let me know. thank you.

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african grey parrot - can't pick up

by diane

my parrot will take food from my hand and let me clean out her cage but wont allow me to pick her up or touch her what can i do to help with this

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When will Blue Crowned Conure talk?

by Brian

About what age do you think a Blue Crowned Conure could begin to talk?...Thanks Brian

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My Budgies Afraid of me



i got my budgie 4 days ago when we saw her being picked on by other budgies so we took her home and now in the mornings she is scared of me but in the afternoon, after skool, shes ok with me being around.
can someone plz help me cause im confused :/

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sleeping habits

by B Elder

I have a 14mth old Scaley Lorikeet, he is completely hand raised.He has never been in a cage. My question is this....How do I get him to be quiet first up in the morning(5am)? He sleeps either in my bedroom on his perch or where ever he falls asleep. Do I need to buy a cage and put him in it at night with a cover over it? But by doing this I am worried that he is going to resent me! Can someone please suggest something....

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Baby blue and gold training

by Anne
(Richmond HIll Canada)

I just brought home my 3 and 1/2 month old b&g 3 days ago I wanted to keep him flighted so did not have breeder clip his wings, but he is very hard to train as he wants to fly away from me all the time, also will only sit on my shoulder, if I try to get him off and on my arm or leg he runs back up to my shoulder, don't know what to do should I get his wings clipped untill he is trained. The breeder just left him in a cage and didn't do anything with him when he eats and gets his beak messy I try to clean it with a wet paper towell and he hates it. Can you give my any ideas how to settle him down. Thank you Anne

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why is my african grey scared of its own feathers?

by sheryl

hi, i have a 5month old congo african grey, which i think is moulting (not plucking) baby feathers. but it seems scared of them, the minute he sees them he screams and flies away. the other day he losts a bigish feather (red one) and he flew into the wall in a total panic to get away from it??? this is the only screaming problem we have and i just don't get it.

i used to have budgies and they had hours of fun playing with old feathers, twirling them round in their beaks. he also has from time to time managed to stick his head into a cooled left over cup of milky tea, he seems to like it or like the fact that its warm-will a few gulps do any harm???

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Amazon behavior problems

by Rita

We just acquired an Amazon Parrot from a friend who had the bird for 5 years. A female she never bonded with the parrot. He was raised and lived with a man for 19 years. Dont know anything about him except that he died, and must have had a beard and wore a ball cap, because anytime anyone comes over to the house with a beard or ball cap, he goes crazy. Whistles and screams and flaps his wings.

He will not let me, the female get near him. He does love my husband, and my husband can hold him, but the bird gets frustrated because he doesnt know how to handle him. I think at first my husband reminded him of his old man. It is so sad, and I dont know what to do. Everytime he sees someone who reminds him of his old man, it breaks my heart. I think he would have left with this perfect stranger because he looked like the old man. What can I do, because I am the one who would love and take care of him. How can I win him over, or should we just find another home for him. That cant be good.

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Sun Conure hates my fiance...

by Tyer
(North Carolina)

I've had a Sun Conure for about 5 years. She is very loyal to me, and treats me like her mate. Whenever my fiance of 3 years comes around she is very violent towards her. She almost never flies, but when she see's my fiance she sometimes takes off and goes to attack her. She has never bit her or actually caused damage, but it is really scary for my fiance. My fiance has worked hard at trying to develop a relationship with the bird, by taking over feeding and treat giving. The parrot even lets her rub her belly while she's in the cage. But once the cage is open it's like she goes nuts trying to get at my fiance. She is very bonded to me. It took me 3 months of work before I could touch her. I'm wondering if there is anything else I can try, or is this bird a lost cause with my fiance? We just got back from Aruba and the hotel we were at had a Sun Conure and it was REALLY nice, let my fiance hold it and play with it and pet it. I want her to have the relationship with the parrot that I do. Please any help would be so appreciated.

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