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Nov 01, 2010
triton cockatoo
by: Anonymous

many thanks for your advice i will endevour to get him checked over,he seems to be getting worse but feeding well gets plenty of exercise has toys lots of attention and is very loved,

much appreciated


Oct 26, 2010
behaviour problems
by: Linda

Bird behavior problems are very complicated, and I won't be able to give you any kind of pat answer. Many things can cause changes in behavior and one of them is illness. My suggestion is to take him for an exam with an Avian Vet in your driving area to make sure this is not physically based behavior. Sick or getting sick birds do not feel well, don't want to be handled, and will bite anyone who tries to mess with them when they feel bad. They also cover illness until they are so sick they can no longer hide it, so get him examined soon as you can.

The Avian Vet needs to check for bacterial infection by doing a throat swab as the anal swabs are about useless. Vet will also need to do some basic bloodwork to make sure organs are working properly and to check for any other problems that would show in the blood.

Any changes in his environment and this means ANY as even the smallest change can irritate parrots who are creatures of habit and feel threatened even when their cage is moved over a bit will cause problems.

Once he has been seen by the Avian Vet, you may wish to do some searching in your area for someone trained in bird behavior if the biting continues. I have a feeling he may not feel well or has some other gripe and this will take care of itself. If not, and he tests healthy at the Avian Vet's, then you need to find a behaviorist, and your Avian Vet may know someone they can recommend.Vet and/or behaviorist will need complete history including kind of cage, size, types of perches, toys and food plus medical history. Normal behavior of bird is essential as well.

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