behaviours between indian ringnecks

by Julie

I have a 18 month indian ringneck and have recently introduced another of 8 weeks old. I have been looking for behaviour management but have not been able to find anything. the older bird is biting the talons of the younger one and i am unsure if this is normal behaviour. if not is there any advise to rectify this behaviour. Thanks

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Jan 05, 2013
IRNs not getting along
by: Tracie

You can not expect any birds to get along, period. If the birds don't get along, you simply keep them in separate cages and let them out one at a time. If one bird attacks the other one in the cage, then you trim the wings so that it can't get to the other cage.

It is a misconception people have that because 2 birds are the same species that they will get along. Would you like me to pick you up and another human from somewhere else and just put you together? It just doesn't work.

We had birds that didn't get along. We let them out together several times a day and worked with them until they got along. We were completely ready to keep them separate forever though. Fortunately they decided they liked each other enough to even share a cage.

We have some training articles on our Parrot Training page if you would like to read some of them.

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