Bella the Quaker Parrot

by Lisa
(Liberty, Mo 64068)

I have had two Quakers and one Lori. My first quaker died because I was trimming her and she got stressed and died in my hands, I was so heartbroken. Her name was Pickles because she was green. The second bird I got was a red and blue lori. She also passed away but I don't know why. His name was Peppy because of his personality.

I just got my dream bird in May. She was born on January of this year. Her name is Bella. She was four months old when I "adopted" her. She is just starting to talk, she has said her name, and the other day I was unloading the silverware and I dropped a utensil on the floor and she said "uh-oh! She is really trying to say more but of course that is in her language and we can't understand her yet.

She has a great personality. My next goal is to have her in my environment more when I am home. I have a travel cage and her all day cage but was thinking of getting one that will just stay downstairs with me. I don't want her getting confused that every time I have her in her travel cage downstairs she thinks she is going somewhere! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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Sep 27, 2008
by: lori

Rather than buying another cage why don't you just get a playstand. They come in all sizes. I'm sure your bird would love spending time out of the cage and you could move it from room to room.

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