best cage for canary with 1 good leg

by Jill Flanagan

Our canary broke a leg about 6 weeks ago. Was treated by vet - is going great, no signs of pain/distress. We have kept him in a terrarium to keep him calmer. The leg is healed but just sticks out to the side, making perching a little awkward.

Any suggestions for the best cage to put him into. He can still fly, and can perch, but seems awkward when he tries to perch for rest in the evening. Thank you. Jill

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Jan 28, 2012
Cage for bird with 1 leg
by: The Avian Vet

You can set the cage up normally and he will adjust. Make sure the perches are rough and easy to grip, like the Polly's Pastel Pedicure Perch and some Rope Boings and Perches. Leave room in the cage for flight or give him a larger cage.

Dr B

Jan 25, 2012
best cage for canary with 1 good leg
by: Linda

I wonder why it is sticking out to the side? You may want to talk with the Avian Vet about this because he may have to be put into a brace of some sort so leg can get more normal. I'd certainly call them and ask.

As for cage, his cage is fine, just make sure the perches are larger than he has now. In other words, perches would need to be larger diameter so he can get more comfortable using the one leg. He should adjust to sitting at a side of the cage to sleep. Of course, he will poop on the perches, so they will need to be cleaned everyday to keep him out of the poop. You can also try a flat kind of perch like the Sqwatter Platform Perch. Ask your avian vet what they suggest all the way around on this one.

Do contact Avian Vet and see if there is anything further that can be done because canaries are such active little things. Thanks for writing,

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