Best food for baby Jenday Conure?

by Kat

Hi, I just adopted a baby 10 week old jenday conure. I've heard from alot of sites that pellets are better than seeds for him. i know they say the base should be pellets with a smaller amout of seeds along with fresh fruits and vegetables. the breeder says i should feed him mostly seeds. others say its personal preference. i'm very confused, i just want what is healthiest for him. more pellets than seeds? equal amounts? please help. thank you.

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Jan 01, 2011
Conure diet
by: Tracie

If your bird lived in the wild, flying around all day searching for food, sleeping out in the open in good weather and bad, then seeds are great! But your bird is captive, doesn't fly all day searching for food and doesn't need extra fat to keep warm either.

Avian vets know what is best. They are the ones that see the difference between birds that eat healthy pellets, like Harrison's, and birds that eat colored pellets and seed diets.

A seed diet will likely cause your bird to get fatty liver disease within a few years. Below is an article for switching your bird to pellets and we have more helpful articles on our Parrot Training page about diet and training you might want to read.

Switching Birds to Pellets article.

Also, have you visited our conure page? It has good information and even some stories you can click on at the bottom that other conure owners have written about their birds.

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