Best Food for Birds

by Ghoruob

I have a cockatoo, major mitchell, budgie & ringneck they are currently all on seeds & wanting to put them on pellets, i am worried they wont eat it, also what pellets are the best & how much should i feed them ?

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Sep 29, 2009
Food for Birds
by: Linda

The best pelleted diet is Harrison's, and each of your birds would be on a different size pellet. Tracie carries the Harrisons pelleted diets out here, and I highly recommend them. How much to feed is on the bags of each type of pellets, and it takes time to change them over from seeds. Harrisons also makes a Birdy Bread mix, and it will help with the changeover as it is readily taken to and basic part of the mix is the same as the Harrisons pellets. Get the organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor for the oil it calls for and add two whole eggs and the water called for. It freezes up well and will last six months, though with the number of birds you have, it won't last that long for one bag of mix.

All of the Harrisons pellets and bread have to be refrigerated as they don't have any preservatives. We take some out of packages and let them warm up to room temperature before feeding as cold food will make birds sick. The Bread mix can be up to 30% of the diet and so is a great way to do the changeover as the birds like the bread. Tracie carries all of these products on-site, and the changeover from seeds takes some time. Start out by putting a thin layer of seeds in bottom of dishes and add the Harrisons pellets on top so they see them first. When I changed my Amazons over years ago, I bought some organic apple juice and put a little on pellets to help with getting them to eat them, and it worked. You would have to remove food with the apple juice every two hours, so don't put much in dish. Be careful to use only organic, NO SUGAR ADDED, apple juice as processed sugar is poison for birds.

If you have problems or questions during the changeover, go out to, and they will be happy to talk with you through email or on the phone about it. Your Too will need a much larger pellet than the Ringneck and the Budgie, so get size appropriate for each bird.

We have been feeding it to our pair of Amazons for many years now, and they are doing really well with very few trips to vet because of illness. You can also feed some veggies as treats like organic squash, raw or lightly steamed, dark green leafy, NO SPINICH as it intereres with calcium absorption and baked sweet potato is also a healthy treat. Veggies should be no more than 10% of the overall diet, so feed small amounts a few times a week if that. You will find that with the pellets and the bread, your birds stay satisfied and won't need a lot of extra foods like people have to feed when feeding seed diets.

Thanks for asking about the right foods, as it shows your birds' welfare is important to you. Keep in touch with us as we are here to support each other in making our birds lives better and longer.

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