Better food available?

by Elaine Hirt
(Plymouth, MA USA)

I have noticed recently that Kaytee Rainbow Exact Food has changed drastically (color of pellets now mainly green, etc.) The food disintegrates in my Red Lori's water cup (making a slimy green mess in the water)when she puts her beak in the water.

She does get a small supplementary diet of fresh fruit & vegetables, we try not to give stuff high in sugar. However, she recently developed a yeast overgrowth and the vet put her on organic vinegar added to her water. She seems fine now -but does not appear to like the food much anymore, and it seems to create a sour-smelling cage despite our efforts to keep the cage clean and freshen the water often.

She is 13 years old, very active and talkative, has laid a couple of eggs each Spring the past couple of years (we previously thought "she" was a male!). CAN YOU SUGGEST SOME ORGANIC OR ALTERNATIVE FOODS we can gradually transition the bird to?

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Oct 02, 2009
Better Food
by: Linda

YES, there is a much better food for your Lori on the market. It is called Harrison's, and Tracie carries products out here. For first 6 months, Harrisons recommends you feed bird Harrisons High Potency Fine, and this is to get bird in shape from whatever is bothering her. After 6 months, you can change to Harrisons Adult Lifetime Fine. Your bird will use the fine grind because of her size. They also make a wonderful Birdy Bread Mix and use the Sunshine Factor organic Red Palm Oil in it along with 2 whole eggs and some water. It keeps in refrigerator for a week and freezes for up to 6 months. Our Amazons love it, and it comes in 3 types to give birds some variety.

As for the vinegar in water, I would ask vet WHY he did not give her anti-fungal drug and get rid of the yeast fungus. Check with the vet about that as vinegar in water all the time does not sound right, so I'm just questioning some.

As for sugar, no amount of processed, refined sugar is good and is in fact poison! No processed sugar and no salt are two big rules with birds. Find good organic fruits for her without any processed sugar. Fructose is what natural fruit sugar is called. Buy only organic fruit and/or juices and MAKE SURE THEY HAVE NO PROCESSED SUGARS IN THEM. CORN SYRUP IS PROCESSED SUGAR AND THESE PRODUCTS KILL BIRDS.

The Birdy Bread will help with change from whatever you are feeding now, and she may really enjoy the pellets right off the bat. If she shows any hesitance, you can put a bit of organic apple juice on the pellets. The Birdy Bread mix is made using base recipe for pellets with some other goodies, so it may help her. The only veggies recommended while on Harrisons' diets are dark orange like baked sweet potato, dark yellow like squash and dark leafy (not spinich) like Romaine lettuce. No vitamin/mineral supplements are needed with Harrisons, and also NO ANIMAL PROTEINS LIKE EGGS, FISH, CHICKEN, ETC. The eggs in the Birdy Bread mix are as close to animal protein as you will need to get. If your bird is eating Cauliflower, Broccoli, Cabbage, Egg Plant, Cantalopes or Watermelon STOP FEEDING THOSE IMMEDIATELY. They are called the fungus foods and will cause an over acidic system which is where yeast fungus grows so well. Feed only what Harrisons recommends, and you will do great.

The over-acid system should start to clear up within the 6-month period on the High Potency pellets. If she has something ELSE wrong that is causing this, then the vet needs to address it and treat it.Get blood work done if you have not already.

Tracie carries Harrisons out here, and if you have questions, go to Harrisons site at, and they are very helpful, caring people who will explain their foods to you.

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