BG macaw bald spots

I have a 4 year old blue and gold he has some bald spots under his wings and small on his chest i caught him today plucking a feather and he has been scratching his self a lot what would be the cause of this

thanks for you input

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Dec 06, 2012
bg macaw
by: Anonymous

had him checked at the avian doc today he has a infection he gave so antibiotic and some kind of lotion to put on the irritated spots

thanks for the reply

Dec 05, 2012
BG macaw bald spots
by: Linda

There are many reasons for this behavior including being ill. First of all, you need to take him to be examined by an Avian Vet ONLY in your driving area. Do not take him to dog and cat vet as they are not licensed or trained in the care of birds and sometimes kill them with incorrect diagnosis and treatment.

Once you have had him checked for infections and/or other physical issues, then you'll need to get him onto a nutritious diet like Harrisons organic pellets found here. They are 100% high quality nutrition, and are readily eaten by all species of parrots. Harrisons is the best on the market in the states because of the high quality. They use a cold extrusion method of making the pellets which leaves in all the vitamins, minerals and complex proteins unlike food that is heat extruded like most dog and cat foods and most other bird foods. All seed diets are slow starvation for parrots, and they develop many behavioral problems from lack of nutrition including eventual death after much suffering.

Here is a link to an article written by an Avian Vet about how to go about changing from seeds to pellets. Harrisons is found here and avian vet endorsed across the country. Do not begin the change until your bird has been cleared or treated for physical issues. Also, feed NO human foods because most of them are full of fat, sugar and salt all guaranteed to kill parrots quickly or slowly.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

Write back once the avian vet has examined your bird for infections and done some basic bloodwork to see how organs are functioning. A good diet is good for skin, feathers, and all other parts of your bird's body and mind. We can also go over what kind of cage, perches, toys and how much time you spend with him once you've seen the avian vet and begin to change him from seeds or junk pellets like Zupreem or Lafaebers. The Avian Vet may have Harrisons in stock there, so do ask about it. Also tell them everything about your bird including size of cage and any other information you have about your bird. Avian vets cannot work with a bird without knowing how the bird lives, what it eats and so on.

We'll be looking for another letter after you've had him examined.


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