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Nov 12, 2010
B&G macaw biting
by: Linda

If you are at all hesitant when picking bird up, bird is fearful of falling. When you go to pick up any parrot, follow through and finish the motion in one smooth flow. To be hesitant because you think bird MAY bite is teasing the bird, and you will always get bit. Birds are afraid of falling, and need to know when you put your hand to them that they will be able to step on a firm hand. Drawing back even in the slightest manner, indicates to bird that you may drop him, so bird bites to get a good hold to step up with.

Blue and Golds are the most docile, and gentle of all the Macaws, so this is not a problem with the bird. This is a problem with how he is being handled, and you need to do some reading about how to properly handle your bird. There are some training materials on this site, and make use of them so your bird will feel secure when you offer your hand. In the meantime, offer a stick or perch instead, so he can feel secure when he's being picked up.

Being bitten is part of having a parrot. If you are doing something wrong, they will let you know or if they are frightened or startled, they can also bite. Move gently INTO bird when you are being bitten. This action allows them to let go without fear of falling. When you follow your jerk back reflex, the bite will be much worse as the bird will hold on tighter.

Back in the 70's, I tamed and trained wild-caught adult parrots of all species, and learning to block the jerk back response was the most important move I ever learned. The other most important move is to offer your hand with confidence even if you KNOW you may be bit. We worked with gloves on with the wild ones for a few days, then came the day gloves came off. This was the day we were bitten sometimes badly the first time we tried to take bird from cage. Every single time without fail, we were bitten the first time out of cage without gloves. Learn to control your reflexes, and you and your bird will be more secure.Also, NEVER, EVER allow your bird onto your shoulders as it gives them too much power over you. I've seen some severe injuries to people's eyes, ears and face from carrying a parrot on their shoulders. Even the small parrots can inflict much damage from that vantage point.

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Nov 12, 2010
Biting macaw
by: Tracid

We have some free training articles that will probably help you if you can take the time to try some different methods. It takes a lot of time, patience and commitment to train birds.

Please visit our Parrot Training page for training articles and also some health related articles too. A sick bird will sometimes be aggressive.

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