B&G Macaw sometimes strains to poo - avian vet says he has prolapse

by Sel

Our 25yr old B&G eats fresh fruit, veggies, cooked legumes, pasta & sprouts. Avi Cakes & an assortment of fruit, veggie Nutriberries are his main diet with Pitstashio's, Almonds, Pine Nuts and Walnuts as a treat.

We did try him on Harrisons pellets for a few years as our Avian Vet said they were best but after seeing how little he actually ate and how much he tossed out we tried the Avi Cakes & Nutriberries which he has been on for the last few years and really loves. He is always rubbing himself on anything really & now has a red bottom when he poo's from straining.

I took him to our Avian vet yesterday, but I only had a few minutes as she had an emergency surgery right then & told me our parrot has prolapsed? I don't know if she means the rectum or what but she mentioned buying a Aloe feminine hygiene product and using it daily on the reddened area.

Please can you offer any advice? Is his diet a problem & how do I help distract him from his hormonal activities? He has shreddable, chewable toys, puzzle & foraging toys, we change his toys around once every 3 - 4 weeks. He spends alot of time with us, comes for drives etc.

Our Avian Vet didn't say anything about surgery or it being life threatening as it only comes out (prolapsed anus?) when he strains to poo.

Please any advice, thoughts would be great.

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Sep 17, 2011
Bird with prolapse
by: The Avian Vet

Prolapse is a serious problem and treating it with aloe feminine hygiene product is not recommended.

The diet is not complete or balanced. He needs to be on pellets.

Has ?he? been DNA sexed? Your bird should have a thorough work up including DNA sexing, blood work, cultures, and x-rays to diagnose the problem.

Dr B

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