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Nov 30, 2011
Five month old conure trouble
by: Anonymous

I just got my five month old conure a week ago. I absolutely love her but she is biting me til I bleed. How long should I expect this to go on. I leave her cage open and talk to her all day but she just seems to not like me. I'm worried I may not being doing all I can to help her adjust. She's making noise and eating but won't play with her toys and hangs out on the same perch all the time. Any advice would be so appreciated.

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Apr 28, 2009
by: Not Anonymous

What an adorable story! You guys sound like my partner and I here in Australia. There with the helping hand when it's needed! I know how difficult it can be to care for some birdies, especially when you've already got your own, and you've got them moulded to your ways.

Then you bring a couple stranger birdies into the mix and everything's turned upside-down for a while. Adjustment period!!!!!

We're currently taking care of two Foster Conures (a pair) as we tend to call them. Their mummy has gone back to Germany to study for 6 months. So we've taken on two extra greencheeks on top of our 3 conures we already had. All live in the living room, and it's very entertaining, but can sometimes be a bit loud. Especially if there's a "man" around, as the foster conure girl LOOOOOOOOVES men/boys/anything male.

Talk about a learning curve!!

Anyway, you've earned my respect, indeed, as I know how bitey and trying new birdies that aren't babies can be........................

Much love and respect from Australia,


Feb 25, 2009
How wonderful!
by: Susan M

I hope you're continuing to have a good relationship with your gold capped conure. You seem like wonderful, caring people.
I also have a gold capped conure 'Chico'. I've had him for 14 years...and since he was 6 months old. They can definitely be a challenge at times. What I find is that Chico will often reflect back my own moods. He tends to be naughtier when I am stressed ...and much more affectionate and sweet when I am relaxed. It really is a commitment. I've gone through periods over the 14 years where I wondered if I would be better off not having him...but could never give him up. He's part of my family. There are times I feel such great love for him that I just well up inside...and he responds with little noises and direct eye contact (with foot to head of course)...and it's precious.
It's certainly a whole lot easier when parrots are accepted for being what they were programmed to be...noisy, messy, naughty...but also joyful, wonderful companions.
Best of luck with your birds...I would love to have an update.

Feb 19, 2009
by: Anonymous

What a nice story. We bought a conure 2 1/2 weeks ago and I dedicate every minute I have to him. He is taking some time to get use to me and bites (which is so frustrating when you love them so much) but I know it will take some time.
I can't imagine having a bird with an unknown history. You guys are great people who are rehabing a bird that someone didn't take the time to understand or love. Thanks goodness for people like you.
Best of Luck with your fine feathered friends!

Levittown, PA

Nov 30, 2007
Sleep is so important
by: Anonymous

Good for you. It took me longer than three months to figure out our sun conure darling needed more rest, and to make sure she has her 12 hours. She is an equatorial bird, after all. Now on 95 percent of all mornings both she and her lovebird friend go off inside their respective houses like little alarm clocks...exactly 12 hours after lights out!

We tried so many other things, and as it was she was getting 9-10 hours. But just bumping it up to 12 made a huge difference. They have their own room, and they are covered in a nightly ritual with sleepy cloths. Out goes the light, they say good night, and they rest till they squeak good morning. Little conure was rescued from a very bad breeder, and was about five months old when she came to us. She is still timid and nervous, but in the main her behavior is more of a friend and housemate.

Sometimes I think we expect much more of our bird housemates than human ones. Would we expect that our human housemates shut up when we tell them to, or never cause us annoyance?

Oct 03, 2007
The transformation of Eddie
by: Rhonda H

Hmmm, since I know this background all I can say is "Way to Go!" Just remembering that first bite you took on the cheek and now look. xoxo, R

Sep 28, 2007
Eddie and Billy
by: Bobbie

You two are born to care for birds, the story brought tears to my eyes

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