bird and dogs

by amy B.
(Reno, NV)

I have a new timnah african grey 4 months old. I also have two cocker spaniels. They just sit and stare as bird dogs will do. I am wondering if I let them sniff the bird and let them know what she is or just shoe them away from the bird. The bird has climbing rope on top of cage and is clipped. Will she bit the dogs if they come near? Both dogs are pretty docile. I give the dogs pig ears while bird is out on her cage. What do you think?

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Jan 02, 2010
bird and dogs
by: Linda

As Tracie said, it is NOT safe to allow your bird out while the dogs are in the same room. You can teach them not to jump up on cage, but you won't be able to stop an attack if bird flies down in the middle of the dogs.

It is safer to allow your bird out of his cage when dogs are either outside or in another room. If you have another room for your bird, then that would be ideal. You can put a screen(welded wire) door going into room instead of the wooden one, and then your bird could play out when you're home. It is also important NEVER TO LEAVE BIRDS UNSUPERVISED when out of cage no matter what the setup is.

Your bird is a precious new friend, and please keep him safe from harm whatever that may be.


Jan 02, 2010
by: Hillary

Dogs are birders by nature (position of the eyes-looking up-)and cats are scavengers that love a kill. Be safe. My dogs have a history of killing chickens but won't go near my Amazon. My dogs have a cat and they love her but they'd rip a strange cat to shreds. I don't lock the cage during the day if the cat is outside, but there are some days that bird gets a look in her eye and I just lock the door anway. It will be she that addresses the dogs and give them the opportunity to jump. And just imagine if the cat got caught inside the cage-the bird would be so dead. Don't take chances. One puncture, invisible, will kill the bird.

If I am home all day and the dogs and cat are chillin by the fire, we are all a happy zoo family and I don't worry. It depends on how you run your pack.

Jan 01, 2010
Bird and Dogs
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't let your dogs get close enough to sniff your bird especially since they are hunting dogs and there are two of them. They may not be aggressive but for the safety of not only your bird but your dogs the parrot will try to defend itself if it feels threatened . It is better to teach them respect.

Jan 01, 2010
Letting bird out with dogs
by: Tracie

You are likely to get some angry answers to this question, just a warning.

I know that some people let their birds out with dogs and even cats, but I also know people that allowed their birds out with dogs and cats for years before the dog or cat attacked the different birds and killed them.

Just know that you are taking a chance, a very BIG chance that your bird will die. People allow their kids to play in the road, believing both that the kids will be smart enough to get out of the road when a car comes and that the car will also see the kids. When their child get hits by a car, that is when they learn that their children should have been confined play in the yard or a park.

I personally have no intentions of teaching my dog to be good to our birds. Well, we DO teach her it is unacceptable to jump up on the cages, but we will NOT let the birds out while the dog is loose. We lock the dog out of the bird room, lock the bird room door, put a note on the outside of the bird room door why it is locked, and THEN let the birds out of the cage.

Again, I had a neighbor that had a cat that "loved" her bird and they "hung out" together. I keep waiting for the day that the cat falls asleep and the bird startles the cat, then the cat will attack the bird before it knows it is attacking it's "friend." :-(

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