Bird ate jewelry

by ValeRie
(St Louis, MO)

My B&G Macaw just ate the jewel plug from
my iPhone. It was not as big round
as a dime but is twice as thick and has a
end on it that plugs in like ear buds. Will
she be able to pass this? I'm a worried as
I do not have $1000 for surgery. Please
help. I have called the nearest avian vet
and he said to watch her for 24 hours to
see if she passes it.

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May 11, 2016
by: Anonymous

I had my sun eat and led poison became of it you need to be carefully mine is fine now thank got but was treated hes led level was high they can die take soon work something out with them and learn i keep everything away good luck i dont let him near jewelry it sucks for sure but do the right thing

Oct 11, 2013
Heavy Metal toxicity
by: Dr Phil Melburne Bird vet

Two issues to deal with

1) Heavy metal toxicity from the lead or Zinc

Ideally the vet will examine - take an X-ray etc
At the least get your vet to simply give a Calcium EDA or Calsenate injection. This chelates or binds toxic heavy metals and is usually all that is needed. Often more than one injection if your bird.

2) the possibility of obstruction.

Surgery is done in less than 10 % of metal poisoning , swallowing cases at our Bird vet clinic in Melbourne

See for an article on Heavy Metal Poisoning in Birds by Dr Phil Sacks / Avian Vet

Oct 01, 2013
Bird ate jewelry
by: Tracie

Follow your avian vet's advice, Dr B sometimes doesn't answer for over a week, so I will no be sending this question to him. If you are not able to do surgery, all you can do is wait and see anyway.

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