Bird Bands

by jody A Clark

How do I find out what/who bread my bird? Is there a database of breeders to research? I purchased a Blu Crown Conure who has a band.

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Mar 20, 2010
Bird Bands
by: Linda

The bands are for the breeder's use only. They use them to mark and number clutches of babies as to when they were born. As far as I know, there is no database for bird breeders. This may happen in the future as breeder requirements get more stiff, and it will be a happy day for all the birds when and if this happens. Now, anyone, whether they are taking care of the birds or not, can breed any old way they wish. They are not required to feed them properly nor do they have to take them to Avian Vets for regular checkups, and this includes ones being sold to the public and petstores. This area needs to be regulated, and hopefully someone will lobby for a law to pass where parrot breeders have to register teir facilities and each clutch of babies along with their band number and other information.

So, unless the pet store where you got him has a record of who the breeder was, there is no way to trace back to his breeder. You could check with them, and do not be surprised if they say information is either confidential or they "lost" it because a number of pet stores buy from Bird Mill breeders, and the last thing they want is for anyone to actually show up at the breeder's facility and see the horror of how these birds have to live. Forgive me, and I feel very strongly about stringent regulations being put into place for all breeders of any bird or animal anywhere in the US. The horror some of these creatures have to live with and in defies imagination and understanding.

Thanks for writing,

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