bird behavior question

by Kim
(North Carolina)

My yellow ringneck preens herself, and when she pulls out a loose feather she tries to put it in my mouth. Why is she doing this?

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Jun 19, 2011
Do not take this the wrong way
by: Anonymous

But from what I can tell. The bird is trying to make you look pretty. My guess is because you do not have feathers, she is trying to give you her extras.

It seems to be a sign of affection. :)

Jun 18, 2011
bird behavior question
by: Linda

There is nothing particularly wrong with this and just make sure she does not eat the feather as the shaft is very sharp and could puncture her crop. Most times, they just roll it around in their mounths a bit and then drop it or at least that's what my Amazons do.

thanks for writing,

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