Bird bites going in the cage - out of the cage or if touched

by Barbara Homewood
(Spokane, WA)

A month ago we bought a quaker parrot that was not tamed. In this month I take him to the bathroom make him come out of the cage then he will step up on a stick. He also will allow me to put my hand in his cage, and he plays pee a boo with me.

Today I opened the cage allowing him to come out on his own. He never allowed me near him. Then when I went to put him back in the cage he bite me jumped down and I had to chase him so the dogs didnt get to him.

WHAT am I doing wrong please help me. I think he likes me, he doesnt screem and when he does I tell him to talk english and he stops. haha he dont tak english either. I think he is a year old. What am I doing wrong?

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May 04, 2012
Bird bites going in and out of cage or if touched
by: Anonymous

This is a typical problem of a bird that was not properly socialized before you got him.

There are some good videos on Youtube about taming and training your birds. Taming and training is something you will need to work with your bird on, on a daily basis. It will take time and patience.

I never allow my birds to come out of the cage on thier own. I always take them out. And either put them on the playgym, or the top of their cages. Allowing the bird the freedom to come and go from the inside of the cage, makes the bird territorial of the cage. Can cause them to nip.

Younger birds like your's have a tendency to be nippy. My Grey is 10 months old. She was nippy when I got her, but it never hurt. I had to work with her to get her to stop, as I didn't like it.

There's taming videos on youtube, done by a highschool kid, who is actually really good with birds, and does public preformances with his 2 birds. His youtube ID Is KILIPARROT. Anything you could possibly want to teach your bird, he has a video for. Even taming tricks.

I sent the links to my cousin for her bird, since I am not there to teach her. She's made great progress taming her bird, and has begun teaching tricks. So his tutorials work! Give it a try.

In the videos you will hear him use a clicker. The clicker is a DOG clicker they use to train dogs with. People have had great success using them to train birds too. Even me. Dog clicker at petco is $2 for store brand.

To start, click, give treat. repeat. This tells the bird he gets a treat everytime he hears it. Once you established this, training will be easy from there. I use it for taming. If the bird lets me touch her wing, beak, or back, I click and give a treat. Then I try to extend the time each day that I get to pet her and click, give treat.

Before training, I take my birds food tray away 20-30 min prior, this way she's hungry and is more willing to work for her treat.

Hope this helps.

May 04, 2012
New bird bites
by: Tracie

Training takes time and lots of patience, so hang in there. Who knows how the bird has been treated in the past, and it doesn't know you well enough to trust you yet.

You need to spend time with the bird, while it is in the cage, just sitting next to the cage reading, talking to the bird etc.

Please read the training articles on our Parrot Training page for help in training your bird. You might also look at our Quaker Parrot information page and read the stories listed at the bottom of the page.

I am a bit concerned that the cage can be carried to the bathroom. Quaker parrots need lots of space and toys. Many love the toys with straw hanging from them and other things they can chew, destroy or even weave in the cage bars.

DO lock the dog up in another room when you open the cage door. Dogs can attack and kill quicker than you can say stop. Even sweet loving dogs, because it is an instinct that is in them.

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