not risk getting bit

How can i put my finger under my parrots feet for him to climb without hetting the risk of getting bit Plz help

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by Jordan

I have a 8 month old conure that seems to be getting very nippy.. although he doesnt bit me much he nips at other members of my family quite often... What can i do to reduce his bitting problem?


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scooter just bites nd hisses all the time

by stephanie
(martinsburg,wv berkeley)

i just got my cockatiel sunday but he bites so much he wont even let u put ur hand near him... if u open the cage door he come out but he runs from u if u finally get him he bites nd hisses also trys to jump out of ur hand what can i do to get my cockatiel to quit bitting nd hissing at me...

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A biting question

We adopted a Green Cheek from a loving family, who decided it was in her best interest to let a family take her who had more time to spend with her. She is amazing and came to us slightly timid but seemed to warm up to me almost immediately. She talks, whistles, and makes the most beautiful song when she is happy.

We were informed she didn't spend a lot of time out of her cage with them. We are the opposite, and she spends majority of her time out of the cage. She would either be perched next to me while I study at my desk, or on my shoulder preening me. We talk to her, kiss her, socialize with her, but again she mostly stayed near me. We also have a Sun Conure who is quite a character and is partial to my husband.

We have had her a several months now, and then all of a sudden her personality changed. She wants nothing to do with me. I try to get her out and she bites me, and not just a little nip but she will grab on and grind her beak on me until she draws blood. Last night I was laying in bed and my husband got her out. She loved on him, was singing and talking to him, then literally flew to me, hovered and then grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go. I yelled out because it really hurt, but she didn't attempt to stop. My husband had to get her.

It breaks my heart and I feel like I did something wrong, but I know I have not changed my behavior towards her. I have been trying to take her her favorite sunflower seeds and talk to her in a gentle loving voice and come to her slowly attempting to reassure her. I'm absolutely lost! I know that our Sun Conure is a spolied brat (I say that in a loving way) and the Sun nip and bites, burps at you and really has an attitude that is unique to her-Is it possible that the Green Cheek sees that behavior and is trying to imitate it or did I do something wrong? The two of them get along well. They sit together on the bedroom door and watch the world. We LOVE our birds and wouldn't trade them for the world, I just need help!

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biting parrot

by john
(Texas )

When my parrot sits on top of his cage he does not let anyone pick him up. But when he flys down he loves being held and will follow us around.

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Vicious Biting

by Alex
(New York)

Why does my Jenday Conure viciously bite and attack my sister? She has never done anything to the bird, yet the bird hates my sister. My dad once opened the cage, well my sister was sitting on the bed in the same room, and then took a seat next to her. The bird started to bob her head, then she flew into my sister's direction to attack. My dad blocked the bird, so that she flew into his hand. The bird was planning on biting my sister, but she accidently bit my dad as hard as she could. Right before she flew, she was as puffy as she could get, bobbing her head with her beak open, and was stretching her neck up as high as it could go- her signs of aggression.

She does this when she plays with her cat ball as well, but my family thinks the bird is trying to be vicious to my sister. If we can't get her to be nice, we have to get rid of her. Is there anything we can do to change this behavior? PLEASE HELP US!

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biting parrott

by barbara dedman
(kennewick wa 99336)

my blue front parrett bites when I try to pet him and lunges when I come in the room barbara

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Bird biting

by Brittany

my quaker parrot

my quaker parrot

HOw do i stop my quaker parrot, from biting my finger, neck, face, etc.?

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Stop biting

by Betty
(Deerfield, IL)

We are a almost 2 year old green cheek concure. Very nice in the cage but gets excited when taken out of the cage. He will not let me leave him and he won't go back to his house? How to I stop him from biting and going back to his house on his own?

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I just purchased a 3 month old Fancy Green Cheeked Conure even though he was hand feed he seems to have not been handled very much. How can I go about trying to ease his behavior and try to get him a little more handlable (sp) He is a beautiful bird and I'm new at this. I don't want to make a mistake that is going to cause his little guy to act mean or scared.

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aggressive Parrot

by Jill
(Port Charlotte, FL)

Hi! I recently adopted "Buddy", a 10 year old Amazon. When he first came to our home, he seemed like he was comfortable, talking to everyone, not biting or attacking. We have since moved and he is very angry. I know I need to get his wings clipped but, I was wondering if there was an issue of his age. Would this make him more aggressive? (His previous owner didn't want to get his wings clipped. He wanted Buddy to have the freedom of flight.) And also, can he be retrained?

I am his third owner and I want him to have the best life possible and I don't want him to be kept in the cage 24/7. Where do I start? Buddy is my first parrot and I don't want to quit on him.
Thank you for any advice you can give me!

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parrot biting

by veronica butler

i have got a parrot i got him two weeks ago he keeps bitin he has cut me a few times y is this

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parrot biting

by lesleythompson
(accrington lancs)

i have just got an african grey he isnt talking just whistling and making noises he seems to love me to bits sits on my shoulder making whimpering noises and cuddling me . loves the grandchildren as well
but whenever my husband comes near me and hes out of the cage he attacks both my husband and bites me ferociously if my husband goes anywhere near his cage he attacks his favourite toy swinging on it growling and biting it how do i get my parrot to love my husband or at least interact with him its got to the stage where i darent let him out if my husband is in sight

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Biting and opening his beak

by Vidya

I have had my lovebird Cherryo for about 8 months. He's grown really attached to me and he's the perfect little bird.
He will step up onto my shoulder and arm but whenever he sees my fingers he attacks. He flew into my backyard in the summer and we have been taking care of him and we don't know who his previous owners were. Since he is an adult bird it is really hard to get him to stop biting my fingers. Why does he do this?
Also he will open up his beak as if he's about to talk but he just sticks his tongue on the roof of his beak and opens and shuts it. He does this for hours and hours. What does this mean?

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Stop biting parrot

by Ahmed

How do I stop my parrot from Rose ringed parakeet from bitting me

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why is my bird biting?

by elizabeth
(florida )

why is my yellow heade keep biting? i let him out everyday he as toys 3yrs old

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eric bites and attacks

a woman my husband works with wanted shot of eric,so he came to live with us.myself and eric get along great though he has attacked my husband and my daughter drawing blood a few times. now when he see's my daughter he wants to sit on her and be her friend ,but attacks me as he is leaving my shoulder and goes for anyone near her.(HE BIT MY MOTHER ON SATURDAY AS SHE WALKED PAST THEM)i have grown to love him dearly and when its just us he loves to sit and get petted ,have his belly rubbed and give loads of kisses. IS THERE ANYTHING WE CAN DO OR AM I GOING TO HAVE TO GIVE HIM UP? I REALLY REALLY DONT WANT HIM TO LEAVE BUT I KNOW THINGS CANT GO ON LIKE THIS.WE HAVE HAD HIM FOR 4 MONTHS AND HE IS 4 YEARS OLD

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biting my feet

My ringneck parrot is walking on the floor and biting my feet ever since I brought my twins home. How can i make this better?

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charging / biting

by Steve
(Santa Clarita)

Our 15 yr old blue gold macaw has recently started charging people as they walk by her on one of her perches but is fine everywhere else. she also started staying on the bottom of this perch instead of on the branches as she does on other perches.

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by Vivian
(Fort Worth, TX)

I have a nanday conure that is about 9 months old and although she seems to prefer me in our household she is always very edgy and bites me a lot. Can you tell me why she behaves like this? She also has an anoying habit of forcing her beak in the tip of my tongue and she seems to go into a transe, flapping her wings while crouching her body. How do I get this to stop?

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by Gemma
(United kingdom)

I got a new cockatiel 3 days ago, and she steps on my hand already when i put my arm out, and she also lets me stroke her, but sometimes she just turnes around and bites me! why does she do this and how can i get her to stop

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parrot biting finger

by Delilah Schorr
(martinez,ca u.s)

I have a young parrot, when I let him out to fly around the room he then lands on my finger but starts biting me why?

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my brid attacking

by jacob

my brid keep attacking anyone who try to touch him and he dumps out his food on the ground,he screams loud and he brakes all his toys.

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angry parrott

by john pinder
(dover de,kent)

what makes parrotts angry enough to bite when feeding

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by shanesimpson
(bowmanville ont canada)

how do we get my green cheek conure to stop biting in the face or ear lod please help he is biting my kids.

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PLs read i need help to stop BITTING ME !!

by nikola

can some one pls tell me why my parrot iss bitting me i really need help i have so many scars on my fingers i softly hit em and tell him "nooo" and he stil bites can spmeone pls help me.pls help in any way.

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parrot biting

by Sally
(Bakersfield, ca. united states)



Why does my double yellow headed parrot lets me cuddle and kiss? And wants to bite everyone else.. He launches at evryone that get's near his cages.

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parrot biting

by vipin

parrot stop biting

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parrot is biting...

by Ahmed Nisar
(Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan)

I brought a blue ringneck baby.. he was about 20 days when i brought him wid me... i startd hand feeding to him and now its been 4 months i am taming him to nt to bite but he still biting me even my family family members... so how should i make him not to bite and playful...????

Why does my bird bite me and not my husband?

by Missy

My Green Cheeked Conures bite me every time I put my hand in the cage to change the food dish out. I don't understand why my bird bites me and not my husband when he does the very same thing?

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Parrot Bitting and Angry

by Haja

Dear Sir, I have yellow Indian round neck (4 years old), he is very nice talking bird. Recently, she is very angry and feels irritation on his skin and plucks many feathers and it scratches too much. (Note : It is summer here in Thailand , very hot too).

I took him to a veteran, he said that it might be in stress and gave vitamin syrups in daily basis. For this I have to catch her by cloth and feed her by forcing him. So she feels very angry and arrogant after I feed. And she is very much afraid when I go near him. Th medicine course is still remains for another 1 week. So what should I do to make my parrot calm and to be friendly with him.

Please advise me, as I feel very upset.

Thank you.

Regards, Haja

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