Bird breathing heavy after egg laying

by Sheena

i have a male and female lovebird. my female laid an egg about 2 -3 days ago and kicked it out of her nest and is in the bottom of the cage in the corner. she has barely come out of her nest and since yesterday she has been breathing heavily or panting. im not sure what is going on. im not sure if its egg binding or any thing else, the lasy we got the feamle from had medication for her for egg binding. but now there is a male with her so can this still happen? why would she be breathing heavily? how do you tell if shes egg binded? please any other information regarding lovebirds and having eggs would be greatly appreciated

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Feb 22, 2012
Bird may be eggbound
by: Tracie

Your bird is probably egg bound again. Please hurry and Find an Avian Vet to help your bird.

The only way to prevent egg binding is by feeding your bird properly. If you feed your bird Harrison's or Roudybush pellets you will not have to worry about egg binding ever again.

AFTER you have taken your bird to the vet, then please read our Switching Budgies To Pellets article that was written by an avian vet.

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