Bird climbing nets are great exercise for your birds.

Handicap birds will love bird climbing nets by Planet Pleasures and Get a Grip.

We will start with the Planet Pleasures nets. They have bamboo rings throughout the net for gripping and for chewing fun. These climbing nets are great for birds that need to get some exercise for their body and their beak.

Some birds just enjoy climbing around and playing with toys you might attach to the net, while others will take great joy in chewing up the bamboo rings tied throughout the net.

PA00064 - Jungle Fever Small Medium Bird Climbing Net

Your small to medium birds will feel like they have escaped to the jungle tops with this uniquely designed palm rope. It features big chunks of wood to for chewing fun while climbing.

Measures: 31 x 39

31" x 39" Climbing Net

Retail: $39.98 ** Our Price $30.98 **

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Planet Pleasures small 8x8 bird climbing net

The small 8x8 net is great for medium sized birds up to African Grey size and the larger 15x11 net will work for the larger birds up to Macaws.

Actual Size: 1.75 x 8 x 13

8 x 8 Climbing Net

Retail: $24.95 ** Our Price $19.95 **

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Planet Pleasures large 15x11 bird climbing net

The large 15 x 11 net is great for the larger birds up to Macaws.

Actual size: 2 x 12 x 21

15 x 11 Climbing Net

Retail: $31.95 ** Our Price $24.95 **

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We carry the Get A Grip Nets also. Please use the link below to visit the Get A Grip climbing nets page for sizes and pricing.

Get a grip bird climbing net

Get a Grip Nets information and pricing

We carry these climbing nets and many other great products for your birds in our Parrot Supply Store.

Visit our Parrot Supply Store when done with bird climbing nets

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