bird croaking

by Olivia

Hi, i've got a 6 year old parakeet budgie. for the last few years he's taken on a worrisome habit. when he's alone or left to be quiet, he'll start this strange croaking noise. he seems to be filling himself up with air, because his upper chest will distend grossly outwards and it looks very strange. he lets the air out if you disturb him.

i've been concerned about it and whether its a health problem, or if its possibly something he does because he's bored or picking up some OCD behavior. i'm just afraid its reflecting some respiratory problem or blockages farther down. he's pretty active otherwise, and while he's not fit and gets winded easily he is always bright and responsive. thanks for any advise.

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Apr 13, 2012
by: les

my african grey has been croaking for 15 years, hes seen avian vets but still croaks , if left he will become very ill , i give him a small amount of metacam each day and while hes on it hes fine without it he would die, still dont know what the problem is but hes cost me a small fortune.

Jan 06, 2012
Bird making croaking sounds
by: The Avian Vet

This is something that you need to take him for an exam for. Take him to see an avian veterinarian and take video of the behavior in case he does not do it in the office.

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Dr B

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