Bird Dandruff

by Whitney
(Vine Grove,Kentuckty)

My African Gray has some weird white stuff in her feathers on top of her head. It feels really grainy. Her beak has slivers that feel like you can tear them off. What can I do to help her??

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Jun 02, 2008
Dandruff and Beak Peeling
by: The Vet

The beak sound like it is normal peeling as part of growing. That is not much to worry about, but you should have an avian veterinarian look at it to make sure it is not an abnormal amount of peeling.

The grainy feeling of the stuff on her feathers does not sound normal, although may be related to molting. I find most birds have very dry skin from poor diets and too little humidity. You should also have this looked at to be sure it is not something serious.

I recommend that You feed Harrison's pellets to keep the skin and feathers healthy, bather your bird 2-3 times weekly alternating with plain water and a bird bath spray such as Avi-x Bird Rain, and if your home humidity is below 40%, put in a humidifier.

You can supplement other pellets with Sunshine factor to get the omega fatty acids found in Harrison’s, which help to keep the skin and feathers healthy.

Dr B

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