bird exposed to gloss paint

by emma rankin
(biggin hill)

my budgie was exposed to gloss paint fumes a week ago, he was very ill but seems to be getting better although he has not fully regained his balance. i would like to know if his balance will come back? he seems happy enough singing and eating?
thanks for your help

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Oct 21, 2011
Bird exposed to paint lost balance
by: The Avian Vet

Depending on the amount of brain damage, he may or may not regain his balance. Was he seen by an avian veterinarian? There is no home treatment other than making sure he is in fresh air.

Dr B

Oct 16, 2011
in reply to "bird exposed to gloss paint"
by: Tina

Hi! I am not a vet. I just lost my parrot this week. In 4 hours he was dead...with no symptoms. I could have probably avoided it if I had taken him to a vet.

I would take your parrot to a vet, preferably an avian vet....especially if he was exposed to those fumes. Parrots are really sensitive with food, diseases, fumes, chemicals, cleansers, etc.

Don't wait! He needs medical attention! His lungs are not capable of filtering out unwanted particles, as we are.

Good luck!

Tina :)

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