Bird flew into Glue Trap

by Ashley

My parakeet flew into a fly trap. I got her out but she lost some small feathers and got a few under her one wing. I could not get up under her wing to get all the glue off. How long will it take for new feathers to come in and will she be able to fully groom herself back to normal?

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Feb 09, 2013
Bird in glue trap
by: Tracie

Because glue is likely toxic, you need to get your bird to an avian vet and get the rest removed.

I know you didn't write for a lecture, but for the sake of others that will read this in the future I feel I should make some points here.

You should never, ever let a bird out of the cage unless it is in a completely bird safe room. I hear about birds getting hurt and killed all the time due to people allowing their birds out of the cage, thinking the birds won't chew, eat, hide, fly etc. and get hurt.

Birds get trapped in couch springs, eat toxic furniture stuffing, get trapped in threads they pulled on furniture, ingested toxic chemicals from furniture etc.

Birds get stepped on when allowed on the floor, get diseases from outdoor birds that were brought in on shoes, eat toxic items in the carpet and chew carpet fibers that are toxic.

Birds land on things that when chewed or eaten are toxic, land in boiling liquid on stove tops, get trapped in glue traps and mouse traps, escape out of doors, get killed by pets that they normally get along with - but startled and got fatally wounded.

The list just goes on and on. Please don't take any chances with letting your bird out of the cage in a room that isn't closed off with a lock to keep someone from opening the door when the bird is out.

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