Bird freaking out after we moved his cage.

We recently moved our blue & gold's cage from the loft area to a small bedroom on the same floor which seems to have freaked out our bird. He is only 2 years old & is beginning to do some screaming during the day and it is interfering with our home-based business, hence the move...... Every time we put him back onto the cage he flies off of the cage & usualy ends up back in the loft. Any advice on helping him to adjust would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!!!

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Feb 22, 2012
Bird freaking out after we moved his cage.
by: Linda

I agree with those who have already answered with an addition here and there. If he has started screaming in the room he likes, then it may be time to enrich his cage with a new toy. If he has a playtop, then a new toy might occupy him while you are working in your office. He needs to be near you and not pushed into another room because his screaming will only get worse and not better.

As for toys, all parrots like wooden toy pieces that they can chew on. The acrylic, brightly colored toys are usually not liked. For Macaws, toys made with the harder woods like Manzanita, kiln dried oak and other safe hardwoods are great for their toys. They need to be thick and hard enough to withstand a Macaw which is saying a lot, I know. They also need to be rough, raw wood with NO stain or clear-coat or other chemicals.

I make my Amazon's toys and use mostly harder woods for the pieces which are a lot smaller than the Macaw's. We drill 3/8" holes and string them onto 1/4" cotton rope. We put hard knots before and after each toy piece which keeps the birds from chewing through the rope. In your case, you will need a wider diameter cotton rope and larger holes so the rope will go through. We use 3-ply 100% cotton rope because it is flexible and will not tighten down so badly if it happens to get around a toe or foot. Basically, you'll have to inspect toys everyday for wear, and when rope starts getting worn, it can be replaced with new rope put through holes of any pieces not destroyed. We use wooden shapes for the toy bases with holes rope will go through. We use either nickel plated or stainless up-eyes, S-hooks quick links and o-rings. With the Macaw, you'll need large up-eyes, s-hooks, o rings, and get the links that are called C type clamps--the ones that roll down and make hanger one piece beause Macaws can undo all others.

Use either nickel plated or stainless chain or the nice large lunk acrylic chain is great for larger birds. That way, you can make your bird's toys when you have extra time and stop spending fortunes on store-bought. Also, check the safe wood list here. Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list


Feb 22, 2012
Cage moved
by: Anonymous

Some birds don't take change very well. If your bird is upset by the move, then you should move him back to where he was.

Something in the new room could be scaring him. Or the fact that he isnt able to see his human flock. The screaming he's doing, he's either doing it for attn, or bc something is scarring him.

Birds cages should always be placed in a room where there's allot of traffic. Never tucked away in another room. Birds have the need to socialize, and watch. They're intelligent animals, they're minds need to be stimulated. Thus a busy room where the family gathers is ideal.

Try moving your bird back. If the screaming presists... ignore it. When he's quiet, give him attn and reward him for being good. Birds are like 2 yr olds.

Also wouldnt hurt to check out the free bird training link off to the side. I believe they address screaming and how to stop it.

Good luck

Feb 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

Can you take him bsck to the original spot?
Likes being center attention and knowing where everything is.Its the stablity. I know that my 2 birds had simalr situations. Just doesn't like the change....

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