Bird injury size of quarter and cut

by Comiclinda

My bird was attacked by human
Incident reported while being baby sat
By family and their girlfriend attacked her.

I have been sick they were afraid I could get
Sick from her due to RA thyroid cancer
And low white blood counts.

Incident reported will her feathers grow back

This has been horrible

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Jan 18, 2013
Bird injury size of quarter and cut
by: Linda

Hopefully when you say this was "reported" you are talking about reported to the police and animal control. If not, file a report with the police and animal control because this kind of thing is against the law, and the person who did this to a helpless little bird needs to be locked up for an indefinate period. She is dangerous, and as Tracie said, do not allow these people around your bird ever again, and I'm talking the entire family. One of them could have stopped this person from hurting your bird and instead watched the "show". If this was me, I'd dump the entire family and never look back, and believe me, i have had to do that before and will do it again if called for.

As Tracie mentioned, get this bird medical help, nurse bird back to health and then find a home for it as you do not need any kind of pets considering what has happened here. Not trying to be hard on you, just being realistic. Why should any more pets suffer?

Also stop worrying about yourself and worry about the pain and suffering that has been done to your innocent bird. You won't get any sicker, but your bird is in a great deal of pain. You being sick should make you more empathetic to another creature's pain and suffering or at least it should.

Jan 18, 2013
Bird injured
by: Tracie

You didn't say how they attacked the bird or if you took the bird to an avian vet. Birds have hollow bones, so it could have severe internal injuries. Feathers will grow back, but if it has interanal injuries it may be suffering.

Please use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet for your bird.

Please find a safe home for this bird if these people have access to the bird.

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