Bird Injury

My 11 Month old Male Alexandrine,'Mr Boots',Has continually fallen and hit the same spot on his right cheek.The area,about half the size of a $2 coin,has no feathers now.2 weeks ago,Boots scratched it while in the shower,and it blow up like and air bubble under his skin.

I have kept in phone contact with a vet about All this. I suggested it could of been an abscess.This Morning,Boots opened it up.It bled and has congealed round his throat.I have given Boots glucose in his water.I am taking him to the vet tomorrow. Its been 4 Hours and Boots seems more himself now.Wanting to know if parrots do alright with operations and Anaesthetic,Reassurance

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Aug 15, 2011
Bird Injury
by: Linda

Make sure you are taking bird to ONLY AN AVIAN VET or they will kill her. Avian Vet can examine her and see what is coming out of sore spot and recommend meds or possibly removal if it is a tumor. Birds do okay when they have to undergo some types of surgeries especially those that are done quickly.

Talk with your Avian Vet about all this when you go because this is an infection. Do not take bird into shower again until this has been diagnosed and treated by avian vet.

Let us know how it goes and thanks for writing and good luck to you and your sweet bird.

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