bird insurence

by Noshin
(Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

hello my parents havent gotten insurence for toby yet and i really cant find any is their any insurence i can get in canada ontario for birds like budgie

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Feb 24, 2010
bird insurence
by: Linda

A talk with an Avian vet may be your best bet for insurance. I know you can get it for dogs, cats, horses, etc., so I imagine you can get it for birds. Of course, birds HAVE TO BE DIAGNOSED AND TREATED BY AVIAN VETS ONLY, so the insurance would be no good at a dog and cat vet because they are not licensed to treat birds.

Find an Avian Vet in your calling area and talk with them and see if they have any suggestions. You can also do a search on parrot medical insurance on the internet and see what comes up.

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