bird kept caged 24/7

by Kim

I fell in LOVE with a new neighbor's African Grey parrot...and learned that they do not take him out of the cage.(My two tiels have the run of my house...) I was heartbroken. I just want to work with him, help to him, maybe slowly gain trust? I do not believe any animal should have caged life constantly. Any websites/training/professionals or ideas on going about this?

I do not want to be aggressive, or want my hand bitten off! Getting him back into the cage would likely be the hard part...or maybe not, since that is what he knows. Any advice appreciated.

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Jan 01, 2012
bird kept caged 24/7
by: Linda

In order to tame and train the new, larger parrot, you will have to have his wings clipped. As long as he has his full wings, he will simply fly away from you every time you want to work with him. You'll need to take him to an Avian Vet at least the first time, and have them clip ONLY the 4-6 Primary Flight feathers which are the long ones at the ends of each wing. Do not allow wings to be cut up any higher as this causes chronic pain, and bird falls like a rock and can break bones. Trimming only the Primary feathers allows birds to gently glide to the ground.

For the new wild bird, this will give you an edge on the taming/training. Also while at the Avian Vet, have them check for infections or other physical issues. Your new parrot is what is called "cage bound", and will not want to come out of his cage. Allow him to come out on his own by leaving the door open. It is very important to have wings clipped before you do this though because he can hurt himself very badly flying all over the house in a panic. Keep in mind that he has been ignored and not handled, so he is wild as he can be.

Gaining his trust will take time, and do not be in a hurry here. You're going to be working to un-do the damage that has been done for years, and this will not be resolved quickly. Make a strong commitment to this bird and do whatever it takes for however long it takes to become his trusted friend.Thank You very much for being willing to help him in the first place. We need more people like you to help the great number of neglected and abused birds out there! Keep up the Great work and Happy New Year!


Dec 31, 2011
Taming a new bird
by: Tracie

Yes, we have training materials on our Parrot Training page that will help you to develop a relationship with this bird and train it too.

Please consider having your bird's wings trimmed for their protection. If your birds chew something toxic or land on something that falls on them, you will be so sorry. Even the metal on a ceiling fan can be toxic.

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