Bird laid egg, what now?

by marta

I have a conure which we thought was male. Yesterday while cleaning his cage I found he/she had laid an egg. We do not have a male Conure to fertilize egg, what should we do?

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Nov 12, 2010
My s.p. Lays eggs too..
by: Anonymous

I agree , tho my sun conure can lay eggs an is of breeding age, I will not breed her. There are two many conures now. I do not want a conure I bred to have what happened to my precious s.p. She was abused badly when I got her ,she almost did'nt make it! Thanks to the avian rescue,avian hospital, an a lot of caring,love,patiance,she is a blessing,an is now 4 yrs old. Tho, the rest of her life she will have special needs,SweetyPie is worth it,so is every other bird an living thing on this planet.

Nov 11, 2010
Bird laid egg, what now?
by: Linda

Throw the egg away and any others she lays. The eggs go bad in a couple of hours, and if bird eats any of the contents, will die from a fatal case of Botchulism.

Also, just because your bird is of breeding age, does not mean you have to run out and buy a male and breed. There are way too many birds being bred now, and they end up in abusive/neglectful homes and spend their lives in misery and pain.

Just because something CAN breed does not mean it has to. Breeding or not is a choice whether it is with birds, dogs, cats, monkeys or humans. There are already too many of all of the above, so just throw away her eggs, and she will eventually stop laying them. It may take a while, so be diligent in getting the eggs out of cage.

Thanks for writing,

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