Bird Lighting Question

by Pam Sandels

Sir McTavish Poopsalot

Sir McTavish Poopsalot


I'm going to buy an avian light for my 2 parrots. One cage is 23X59,
the other is 32X61. Can I use one Avian Sun floor lamp, and place it between the 2 cages? Would that be sufficient, or should I buy 2 floor lamps, one for each bird?

I would prefer to buy just 1 lamp, and either place between cages, or alternate lamp over 1 cage one day, the other cage the next day. What is your advice?

I truly appreciate your response, and thank you!


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Aug 24, 2008
One full spectrum lamp for two cages
by: The Vet

Yes, you can try it with one lamp. If you direct the light properly they should both benefit. This is the best lamp to buy, the AvianSun by ZooMed.

Be sure to keep it at least 18 inches away from your birds to prevent sunburn and eye damage. They are very safe and effective when used correctly. If you see any pink discoloration to the skin, move the lamp further away and have your bird examined by an avian veterinarian.

I use these lamps on all of my birds, including my indoor pet rooster.

Dr. B

Aug 23, 2008
great name
by: Anonymous

great name

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