Bird loses mate

by Mary

My parrotlet lost her mate. He passed away. She isn't socialized and I want to know the best things we can do for her,besides paying her extra attention. I'd like to get her more socialized. Any pointers would be great!

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Jul 27, 2012
Bird loses mate
by: Mary

Thanks for info. She isn't wild, but doesn't step-up,but will come to shoulder with coaxing. She's been checked by avian vet, but not since mate's death. Vet said to watch her & if any symptoms, bring her in. She comes out of cage to our shoulder & is not trying to bite when I get my fingers close to her beak as long as I talk to her while doing it. We're just taking it very slowly and she's chirping more now, but it's only been a week since mate's death. I'll keep u updated.

Jul 23, 2012
Bird loses mate
by: Linda

Not sure what you mean by "not socialized". Is the bird wild or tame? If wild, then you will have to tame and train it before it will be a pet. There are some training materials on this site on the Parrot Training page, and before any taming or training, please have bird examined by an Avian Vet to look for infections or other physical problems. Since the other one "died", it may have died from an infection, so before you do anything else, the bird will have to be thoroughly examined by an Avian Vet. Training is way too stressful for a sick bird.

Your bird is also grieving the loss of its mate, so make sure you take bird to avian vet right away. If the other bird died from an infection, this one will be next so do not delay. Parrots grieve much like humans do when they lose a mate or a beloved caretaker, so understand that the bird has to work through this in its own time and don't expect too much too soon from them.

Thanks for writing and keep us posted,

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