Bird more "energetic" when I sing

by Susan
(North Carolina)

Yeah, If there is a song playing and I start singing along, My Amazon gets really riled up and starts squawking and bobbing her head. Is this normal, and is she enjoying the singing or something? Or does she dislike the singing and want it to stop? She won't react that way if my family members sing with songs either. I'm not used to her yet, and am just trying to figure out what she is comfy with. Any answers will help! ^.^

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May 15, 2008
Bird responding to singing
by: Tracie

Hello Susan,

It is hard to say if she likes your singing or not, but it sure seems that she enjoys it. If your bird ruffles it's feathers and pins it's eyes, then you know it is angry. Bobbing it's head and joining you seems more like she has accepted you as a part of her flock, so she is joining you in your actions.

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