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Table Top
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Bird Tree

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Bird Stands
Bird Stands

All of the powder coated wrought iron bird play stands come in a variety of nice colors that will go with any decor.

The main wood perch on the metal bird play stands can be removed and you can put another bird safe wood the appropriate size for your parrot in it's place. You will just need to drill two holes in the wood to attach your own perch.

Our Java Wood Trees are hand crafted and are great for exercising your parrot's feet.

Play stands are so important for the mental and physical well being of your birds! These play stands can be easily moved from room to room so that your bird will be able to stay with you, their flock.

Just as you would not appreciate being left in one room your whole life and sit listening to your other family members in the other part of the house having a good time, you bird wants to be involved in your family activities too.

Buy a bird play stand today for the health and well being of your parrot.