Bird Poo

by Kaylie
(Rock Springs, Wy, USA)

My bird has not been sexed yet. Recently she (as we believe she is a she) made a poop that had blood in it. It was almost encapsulated. She had only done it once. Now however, she does have almost, rust colored poop. She flew out of the house recently and I don't know if she came into any contact with other birds. She has also been acting out and screeching a lot more. My fiance and I have just moved into an apartment complex and I don't know if that may be the case. Anyhoo, there are a few things that I have a question about. First, what may be causing the rust colored and bloody poo? Could it be related to her screeching? What can I do?

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Jul 26, 2010
Bloody poops
by: Anonymous

The same type thing happened to my Sun Conure (Sunny) recently. She had rust colored poops I noticed while Verizon was here installing Fios. I immediately called my avian vet for an appointment. While waiting for the appointment time and the installer to finish; her poops got quite red, and then they were almost pure blood. I had to make the Fios installer leave so I could go straight to the vet. I knew it must have blood in her stools, and she was getting weak it seemed to me and I was so scared I would lose her.
The first thing the avian vet said was he wanted to take x-rays to see if there was possible lead or another metal poisoning or any other foreign object in her stomach, but since I knew that couldn't be the case with Sunny since she was never left alone. He said then it was probably a severe viral infection and gave her an antibiotic shot, and antibiotics, and a medicine to stop the bloody poops to give her at home. Since she had mostly stopped eating that day too he said get her clear Pedialite to drink and make sure she did drink some every few hours. I also suggested feeding her a hand feeding formula that I had her on when she was a baby. It?s called Exact hand feeding formula by Kaytee. I fed her from a syringe as I did when she was first weaned. The first feeding or two she didn't take to it real good, but after that she loved it. I fed her every 2 hours along with the Pedialite. I also mixed the formula with Pedialite.
After a couple of days of doing this regiment and the meds she was much better, stronger and she stopped pooping blood after only about 24 hours. Since the avian vet didn't need to do any x-rays it really was a cheap visit, only $80 to save my bird friends life.
Good luck with your bird; my advice would be run to your avian vet because when they get sick as I learned they stop eating and drinking very quickly and will die without their nutrition.

Jul 26, 2010
Rust colored bird droppings
by: Tracie

Please take your bird to an avian vet ASAP. Like today, not tomorrow. Blood coming from the vent is always a sign that something is severely wrong.

Dr B will not be able to help you with this, your bird must be seen in person. Maybe it is egg bound, if it is a female. Maybe it has a tumor, who knows what is wrong? Yes, the screeching is probably it trying to communicate that it is in pain.

If you do not have an avian vet already, you can search for one on our Find an Avian Vet page. The ones listed have been suggested by our readers, but there are links at the top of the page where you can do a search also.

Let us know what you find out at the vet. I hope this didn't get answered too late and your bird is still alive.

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