bird ready for cage?

by jessie
(south africa)

the place I bought my 6 1/2 week old ringneck said I mustn't put perches in the cage until he is a little older or he might fall off and hurt himself, but I put a perch in his small cage and he seams to balance on them fine do you think he is ready for a big cage

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Dec 29, 2010
bird ready for cage?
by: Linda

I would listen to the person who knows what they are talking about on this. Your bird is probably not even weaned completely yet, so continue to keep him in a smaller cage if you are going to try the perches. Where he may be balancing fine in a smaller cage, he can really injure himself badly if he falls from a higher point. Make sure your bird is spending out of cage time and also make sure he is weaning onto one of the organic pellets that are carried out here. We recommend Harrisons as it is Avian Vet endorsed, and is a complete diet without using any vitamin or mineral supplements though some cuttlebone in the cage would not hurt him since he is so young. If you've already begun weaning to seed, go ahead and get some of the organic pellets and soak them just a bit in fresh, clean water. Do not make them soggy, just a bit softer so he will more readily eat them. When moistened in this way, food has to be removed from cage and dish washed after two hours as it will become rancid left in any longer.Never use bleach on bird's dishes,perches and toys only use bird safe cleaners.

If you need help changing him over from seeds to pellets, here is a very good article, written by an Avian Vet, about how to go about the change:

Switching Birds to Pellets article

All the organic foods have to be refrigerated and enough for a meal taken out about 30 minutes before feeding so it can get to room temperature. Fruits and veggies should only be 10-15% of the overall diet which means little bits a few times a week. No people food whatsoever as it all is full of salt, sugar and fat all of which are poison for birds. Feed no iceburg lettuce either as it has no nutritional value and is just water and fiber. Feed the dark green lettuce, dark orange and yellow veggies like baked sweet potato and squash. Feed only very small amounts of Spinach maybe one time a week. It can interfere with calcium uptake and has to be fed very carefully. Try and feed only certified organic fruit and veggies because of the dangers of pesticide/fertilizer residue which is on all our commercial farm products here in the states.

So, give your bird until he is around 3 months of age before trying him in a larger cage to avoid broken bones and other injuries.

If he has not been seen by an Avian Vet yet, he needs to be cleared for infections, have basic blood work done and talk about any vaccines for any prevalent disease in your area. I've never given mine shots, and they also stay home and do not visit other birds either. Just find out what is available and do nothing that is not needed as vaccines hurt bird's immune systems and can cause long-term problems the same as with children, dogs and cats.


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