bird safe paint

Are there any bird safe paints for touchups on cages?

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Jul 16, 2017
Latex paint is it safe
by: Birdlady

Is a hutch already painted safe for birds painted with latex paint Sherwin Williams making a small avairy for small finches

Mar 08, 2017
epoxy paint
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know if epoxy paint is toxic 2wards birds and can make them ill and give them lumps

Jul 09, 2011
Bird safe paint?
by: The Avian Vet

Not to my knowledge. I have heard that Krylon is good, but every paint and every color has a different formulation. You need to read the label and contact the manufacturer for an MSDS sheet to know exactly what is in it. Materials and Safety Data Sheet).

Dr B

Jul 07, 2011
bird safe paint
by: Linda

(Dr B will answer this also)

Well, the only one I know of for sure because I've used it is the waterbased acrylic craft paints like ArtDeco and a few others. You have to do the painting while birds are NOT in the cage or room because they will mess it up before it dries. The places I've touched up with non toxic craft paint stay on after two coats that are allowed to thoroughly dry between coats. I'm talking about very small places where beak has taken a bit of the powdercoat off.

If you have large places, you're going to have to get a new cage for them.

For small areas you can use two-part epoxy and it HAS TO BE DONE OUTSIDE and then left outside for a week to gas out. Once it is dry and has gassed out for the week, it is safe for birds again. This would mean there is no color on chipped places, and would also mean they are sealed from rusting.

Make sure you understand that painting with waterbased acrylic paints--the kind with no fumes and safe for children are done with birds out of room painting is done in. If you have to do very large areas, buy another cage because you only use the craft paints or the two-part epoxy for small areas where powdercoat is chipped. If your cage has large areas where powdercoat is gone, get another cage and see if you can find a company that does the powercoating for the old cage.

Use NO other kind of paint on cages as they are ALL toxic. This includes all the spray paints and primers, metal paints and even latex. In fact latex is toxic until it has dried and gassed for up to a month before birds can re-enter house. So if painting walls, board birds for the month it will take paint to gas out after the LAST wall is painted. Never use latex when any pets are in the house as it makes dogs very sick, can kill cats and will kill birds very quickly. Latex has reputation of being non toxic, and it is once dried and gassed out. Before than, it is dangerous for people to breathe the fumes too.


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