bird scratching

by Tammy
(Kalamazoo, MI, USA)

HI, My parakeet, Little Stevie is molting right now and he keeps scratching his face. The feathers around his eye are in disaray. I do not see any discharge coming from his eye. His eye looks okay. He has a few new feathers trying to come in and then there is a small clump of feathers near the front of his eye that is in a hard clump. I tried to use a Q-tip with warm water to get the clump out and some of the feathers came loose but he was screaming at me and did not like being touched for too long so I had to stop.

I did have enough time to put some Neosporin on another Q-tip and put is just in those spots he rubbed near his eye. My Bird care manual said Neosporin would help. Is there anything else I can do? He always seems to scratch himself like this when he molts. It starts to clear up and looks good and then he starts all over again. I don't have a photo now but can submit one soon.

Thanks for your help.

Tammy Boneburg

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Mar 08, 2010
what if?
by: savanna

what if my bird charleee has no discharge but the swollennis wont go away?

Editor's note: Take your bird to see an avian vet. Also, please post your question as a new question next time so others will read it.

Oct 01, 2009
No Neosporin on birds
by: The Vet

Do not use Neosporin on birds. It is greasy and will wick into his feathers making them not be able to keep your bird warm. Neosporin is not a good choice of antibiotics in birds.

It could be mites. So, you need to take your bird in to an avian veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment. Do not use over the counter treatments for any ailment in birds. They are not affective and can be dangerous in many cases.

Dr B

Sep 30, 2009
by: Linda

Tammy, clumps forming is NOT a normal part of molting in birds. This could be a parasite, and you need to take him to an Avian vet and have him checked out for infection and/or parasites.

Regardless of what your manual says, it is NEVER a good idea to put medicine on birds without an Avian Vet giving their okay or writing the prescription. You can do more harm than good trying to treat something that you don't even know what it is. Sounds like something that hurts your bird, so make an appointment and take him for a checkup if it has been more than a year since his last visit. Birds need to go to an Avian Vet at least once a year to make sure they are doing good and have no parasites and/or infections.

What you could be dealing with here is a parasite that causes these buildups of parasites' waste and causes birds a lot of pain and suffering. They normally get around the face and on the feet and legs and are scaly and hard.

Thanks for writing, and in future if your bird has somethig on it or appears to be ill, please take him to a qualified, and trained Avian Vet.


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